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It’s obvious that we need a much better approach to livestreaming to YouTube Live. 
Couple of thoughts:

1. I really like OBS. It gives me a lot of control. It worked really well with the motion graphics that Erin made. It’s also real software, which is good and bad.

2. OBS is software. That means if I set it up on my desktop (i7 w/16GB RAM, SSD primary drive + multiple drives) then I also have to set up the same stuff on my laptop (also i7 w/16GB RAM, SSD drive). 

3. Google Hangouts did not work well with OBS. There are workarounds. If we go with OBS or with any other solution, it needs to work with Google Hangouts.

4. Stream Yard looks nice. It has a free demo version. It’s SaaS, which is helpful.

5. We would definitely need a paid version of Stream Yard, which could get expensive fast.

6. I have a subscription to Adobe. I know how to edit with Premiere. If Adobe has a solution, we can use that.

7. I need some help on hardware. I have several cameras for input, but this is not something that I am terribly good at.

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