Glen T. Gottilla

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Which comic convention(s) do you attend?

East Coast Comic Con 2012-2019, NYC Comic Con 2010, NYCC 2011, NYCC 2012, NYCC 2013, NYCC 2014, NYCC 2015, NYCC 2019

Are you a real person?


What do you do?

Write comics, Other

Dream comic to work on...

Ok I am updating this part. My Dream comic to work on? Well I have a few, most of them don't involve the big two publishers. Well, I would love to do an ALIENS book, not an ALIEN book which nowadays means Marvel. The only other 'licensed' project would be a prequel to John Scalzi's Old Man's War, which would require permission for John Scalzi and probably Netflix or Syfy. One can still dream, right? I do have several long form stories that I have worked on over the years, fantasy stories, space operas and Alien conspiracy stories. Giving the current social and political atmosphere of the United State in 2020/2021, those stories are going on the back burner.

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