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  • Writers: The case for a professional website

    Posted by andresbriano on August 31, 2022 at 6:46 am

    Hey, fellow comic book writers.

    I would like to pick your brains about having a professional website for my writing endeavors. At the most basic level, what I want your opinions on is:

    1) Should amateur comic book writers have a website?

    2) What content should be present? what should not?

    3) What is the goal or benefits of having one? Or rather, what function does this sort of website fulfil? What criteria separates a website that is working for you as oppossed to one that is just eating your money?

    4) Do you have one yourself? (If so, please share a link) Does it work for you?

    So here’s my personal context:

    I have been writing short comic stories for 7 years and I have a number of them published in different anthologies. I’m slowly putting together a nice body of work and I intend to continue to build on it. I even have my first graphic novel on the works. But, I’m 46 years old and have 2 kids. I obviously have a day job that pays the bills and I have yet to make my first $1 from this line of work. So, in your opinion, should I “bother” with a website? I should mention that I have a makeshift one (a blog on blogger) but it’s so far from being decent that I hesitate when I’m asked to share it.

    As always, thanks for reading. Your feedback is much appreciated.


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  • philipspace

    August 31, 2022 at 1:32 pm
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    I would say that a website makes sense in some respects, such as providing a location for resume, contact and patreon information, but in the same context don’t expect it to necessarily have a return on investment. Paying gigs will always come from person-to-person interactions more than website traffic, if my own experiences are any indicator. Websites are kind of like a nice “phone book” location– great if someone is already trying to look you up, but doesn’t replace the actual work of getting your material in front of people.

    Although you may have the experience that Steve Martin’s character had in “The Jerk”, too.

    (623) The new phonebook’s here! – YouTube

  • thesurrealari

    September 5, 2022 at 6:08 pm
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    Yes, you should have a website. For most beginning writers, a WordPress template will do, and it’s pretty user-friendly, and there are some good plug and play templates.

    Many writers have a blog on their website, which helps establish their credentials and gives them content to push in between published work.

    You also need contact info, links to your stuff, etc.

    Separately, I would recommend a link aggregating site. I like flowpage, which has a great free option and creates a QR code you can put on your business card (or anywhere else)