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  • TORN SOUL Kickstarter Launch by Jack & Evan – Member(s) Signal Boost (MSB)

    Posted by jojabarker on May 11, 2021 at 10:36 am

    Today (5/11) our fellow creators, @jholder12 and @evan-scale launch their Kickstarter!

    Let’s attempt the thread again: If you’re not familiar, while you’re composing a Tweet there should be a “+” button asking if you want to add another Tweet. On each Tweet, I suggest us one image a.k.a. asset per post and tag Jack Holder and Evan Scale.

    Jack’s Twitter: jackholderAI

    Jack’s Instagram: jholder12

    Evan’s Twitter: Evan_Scale

    Evan’s Instagram: evan_scale_art



    CBS community members, Jack Holder & Evan Scale launch their #Kickstarter (today) 5/11 thru 6/10, #LegendsOfTheRealm : #TornSoul!!!

    Fans of #HighFantasy, #LordOfTheRings, and #GameOfThrones will love this!

    #ComicBookSchool #SignalBoost #ComicsCommunity


    In #LegendsOfTheRealm, the kingdom of Dannisfire has been saved by a mage who toppled the king, married a princess, and established utopia. At least, that’s one version of his tale! #HighFantasy #Comics

    #ComicBookSchool #SignalBoost #ComicsCommunity


    Jack Holder writes, writes, and WRITES from #Comics to #Prose and the discipline of a Master’s degree comes through as he sets out on his 9th #Kickstarter project, #LegendsOfTheRealm : #TornSoul!


    #ComicBookSchool #SignalBoost #ComicsCommunity


    Evan Scale hails from Greece with a deep love for #Art and #Comics that gave him the drive to be a self-taught artist. Through study and practice he helps open up worlds to be created! #TornSoul #Kickstarter

    #ComicBookSchool #SignalBoost #ComicsCommunity


    Again, remove the previews and add the asset(s) — which I’ll post bellow in order of their corresponding copy. Tag Jack and Evan as well as CBS each time. Tomorrow we’ll tackle Instagram! ~Kirbyspeed

    cc Council Members @mikedoestheart @artsmermaid @thesurrealari @psysci @aesthetic-derelict @krisburgos @philipspace @george-dawkins-ii @kpei137 @mywritinghero @mrkylerose @redheadeded @andy-seabert @jarrod-elvin @indiedevil @maryamsmarkers @james-mcgill

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