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  • “The BitterSuite” Plot Notes

  • mikedoestheart

    March 17, 2021 at 1:33 am

    Here’s a summarized version of the script that @ProjectThanatos and I have mused over:

    Pg 1: Cover Page – A crystal/amulet, multifaceted, floats in the ether, with the reflection of the main character, Niknak, at different ages. He seems trapped in this crystal.

    Pg 2: Introduces Niknak and his uncle Deklak. Deklak is in mid conversation with him detailing his job duties as a servant in the inn.

    Pg 3: Niknak makes his way through the last room in the hallway, inhabitated by Master Gibu, a curmudgeonly wizard. Deklek provides exposition throughout.

    Pg 4: Niknak’s first encounter(and subsequent) with Master Gibu. Many slammed doors and grunts to follow.

    Pg 5: Some time passes and Niknak returns to clean Gibu’s room, this time markedly older and ‘worn’. he gets to the bottom floor of the room before realizing something is wrong…

    Pg 6: Inside Master Gibu’s private quarters for the first time, Niknak is privy to a terrifying scene. Acting fast, Niknak snatches an amulet and makes a break for it.

    Pg 7: now back into the main foyer, a series of action panels follow showing a terrified but determined Niknak narrowly avoiding catastrophe as he makes for the front door.

    Pg 8: More time passes, and we get a glimpse of the comradery that has developed between our young hero and the old wizard.

    Pg 9: Niknak returns the next day to discover that our curmudgeonly old wizard has disappeared, along with the magic spell that transformed that last room at the inn. The only thing remaining seems to be a book, a letter from Gibu and a curious artifact…

    Pg 10: Niknak reads through his letter and discovers what Master Gibu’s parting gift has given him!

    This story is purposefully very self-contained and relies on a lot of context clues and environmental details in order to fully realize that story. The only characters seen are the following:


    -Uncle Deklak

    -Master Gibu

    -A dark, evil being made of shadow

    Can’t wait to share more details and character development soon! 😃🐭✨💎

  • redheadeded

    March 29, 2021 at 4:54 am
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    Ok first off this is unique, I am looking forward to the scripting but catching up on all the posts.

    Some questions, one is the cover a page in the comic / and you have 10 pages not 8.. can you work to edit this to 8 pages?

    Pg 5 who is markly older? Master Gibu or Niknak or the room?

    pg 6 What is the terrifying scene, is he scared cause something is there? or because someone isn’t there? that part was a bit confusing.

    Pg 6 Why does Niknak go for the amulet? except on the cover we have no context that it is important or what it’s purpose is ?

    Pg 7 Is Niknak avoiding people? accidents? is something chasing him? again I was a bit confused here.

    Pg 8 Then the action is done with no conclusion and Niknak is chummy with the wizard? Is there a visual or storytelling element that explains this juxipostion?

    Pg 9 What is the gift? what is the artifact?

    I’d like to give feedback and help you to improve your story, but I don’t know that I know enough yet to help? what are the context clues? will they be expostion? or visual ?

    I am hoping to see more soon and understand the purpose of the wizard’s friendship and the amulet/artifact/gift thingy.


    D Alley, the Redheadeded

    • mikedoestheart

      March 29, 2021 at 10:47 pm

      Hey @redheadeded ,

      I’m backing into some of the information on the formatting back to 8 pages as the replies to that request never hit my notifications, unfortunately.

      With that said, my partner @ProjectThanatos will be reposting the script in an 8-page format and addressing your questions in the process, as we do have those answers already fleshed out in our full script. We can shed some light on it!

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