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  • TEDDIES No. 1 by Kris Burgos – Member Signal Boost (MSB)

    Posted by jojabarker on May 6, 2021 at 9:43 am

    Greetings everyone! You may have been directed here via a recent email because CBS hopes to provide another benefit to our community: Cross promoting each others works.

    First up, Kris Burgos of Tales Beyond released the digital No. 1 of TEDDIES last month. I’ll be posting on this message board today (5/6) and then again tomorrow (5/7) for a follow up.

    The two main platforms CBS is focusing on are Twitter and Instagram. But, if you are more familiar with FB do please post there as well!

    Day 1 we’ll start with Twitter. Kris provided a (cropped) page from the comic and we’re asking you to give your take on it — and if you read the comic, even better because you can give this page more context (…without giving anything away, of course!)

    TWITTER (copy)

    It’s a page from Kris Burgos, a #NewRelease from @LiveTalesBeyond’s No 1 #Teddies!

    What I like about it is [your thoughts here]

    #ComicBookSchool #SignalBoost


    Please use the image that’s attached. Tag @Jiggykb @mikedoestheart and @ComicBookSchool

    There’s no set schedule, but do pick a time of day that best suits you. So far of what I’ve seen to be peak times are morning commute, lunch hour, evening commute, and a bit around dinner time (let’s say between 5:30 and 8).

    Tomorrow I’ll return here to post for Day 2. ~Kirbyspeed

    cc Council Members @mikedoestheart @artsmermaid @thesurrealari @psysci @aesthetic-derelict @krisburgos @philipspace @george-dawkins-ii @kpei137 @mywritinghero @mrkylerose @redheadeded @andy-seabert @jarrod-elvin @indiedevil @maryamsmarkers @james-mcgill

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