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  • ST-ContinuINN – Character design

  • Bauldeury

    March 12, 2021 at 2:44 pm
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    Hello there,

    Here are the character designs for the main characters ;

    • Titus the Mightiest. I wanted to enforce that idea of a solid battle-hardened fighter, while evocating the roman gladiator cliché.

    • Marcus Russo. Far descendant of Titus. I evocated the link to his ancestor through color palette, otherwise I left him as uncharacterised as possible to have a sort of average joe.

  • mikedoestheart

    March 18, 2021 at 11:10 am

    Titus has some badass scars. love his design!

  • redheadeded

    March 29, 2021 at 6:52 am
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    @Bauldeury ,

    Hey man these are really cool! I love the amour, and the Scars on the Titus character, I’m a little confused about the Marcus character though, because I thought there was supposed to be an ancestorial or ‘reinecarnated’ connection to the two characters that was visual… am I wrong there? these two don’t give me a similar in any way vibe.. maybe if Marcus had a similar scar? or facal element?

    If I am wrong please ignor me.. I like the designs, keep up the good work!

    Thanks for posting!

    D Alley, the Redheadeded

    • Bauldeury

      April 1, 2021 at 6:50 pm
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      Thanks !

      That’s a very good point. Actually, we even discussed it with Dawkins and decided to add some facial scar to help the link between the two characters ^^

      Here’s what we came up with:

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