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  • george-dawkins-ii

    March 13, 2021 at 9:44 am
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    Page 1: The setting is introduced. The year is 80 AD and the location is the Roman Colosseum. Titus the Mightiest is announced as he makes his entrance with 3 other gladiators awaiting him.

    Page 2: The 1st gladiator charges at Titus. He lunges at Titus with his sword, but Titus deflects his attack with his trident and hits him with a right hook (his cestus hand) so hard that it knocks off a piece of his helmet (revealing part of his face), drawing blood and knocking him out.

    Page 3: The 2nd gladiator charges at Titus. Titus fends off his spear attacks with his trident then swings at his legs, sweeping him to the ground. Grounded, the gladiator holds up his shield as Titus goes for a leaping punch with his cestus. The result is Titus punching through the shield but not hitting the gladiator, so he stomps his head into the ground which knocks him out.

    Page 4: The 3rd gladiator attacks. As their weapons clash, the other gladiator taunts Titus about his parents who were killed by lions during the persecution of Christians in 64 AD (Titus was supposed to die too, but he killed the lions in an act that put him on the path he’s on now.). Enraged by this, Titus breaks the other gladiator’s sword with his trident and stabs through his leg, causing the other gladiator to hold his leg in pain on the ground.

    Page 5: Titus holds his trident against the other gladiator’s throat as if he’s going for a killing strike, but Titus restrains himself and doesn’t kill him. Then, another gate is opened that releases a massive bear. The bear charges at Titus and knocks him to the ground. Titus holds his trident between the bear’s teeth as it tries to bite his head off.

    Page 6: As the bear is on top of him, Titus leaves his trident in its mouth for a second and back fists the bear with his cestus, drawing blood from it and stunning it long enough for him to get some space out from under it. While the bear is stunned, Titus swiftly picks up his trident from the ground and hurls it through the bear’s heart, killing it. Titus takes his trident out of the now dead animal and shouts triumphantly as the crowd chants his name.

    Page 7: A new setting is introduced. Marcus Russo wakes up shocked from his nap in present day Asheville, NC. He looks around giving us a view of the room he’s staying in. After gathering himself, Marcus’s stomach growls indicating that he’s hungry. He picks up a phone and calls room service.

    Page 8: 30 minutes later, Marcus receives a dish in his room with a lid on it. Marked on the lid is the inscription, “black bear ham w/ all the trimmings”. Sitting up on his bed, he takes the lid off and sticks his fork into the ham, but as he does this he stops to take a look at the fork with bear meat on it. After noticing the connection between it and his “dream”, the receipt that was attached to the lid is seen with details on it that include Marcus’s name, the name of the inn via their logo, and the inn’s slogan, “See you some other time!”

  • redheadeded

    March 15, 2021 at 1:06 am
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    @george-dawkins-ii ,

    THIS IS AWSOME! I love the way you worked in the time in. I am still interested in how you will visually show the reader that Titus and Marcus are connected, but Man this is cool. I love that you have their backstory of how he lost his parents, and became a gladiator.

    Thanks for getting this out so fast!
    D Alley, the Redheadeded.

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