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  • Social Storm for AWARD-WINNERS!! (Part 1)

  • krisburgos

    March 26, 2021 at 7:51 am
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    Hey Creators!

    As you should already know, the first Comic Book School Anthology, “Creator Connections, Panel One” won two Independent Creator Awards a few weeks ago, and we’re trying to spread the word.

    As a contributor to the anthology, you should definitely feel proud to be an official award-winner for your work and it’s time to flaunt it! Any good publicity you and your fellow creators receive potentially raises your value as a comic book creator and increases your opportunities in the future.

    But good press can only go so far, and we need to help each other. On this page, are two graphics, perfectly formatted for Instagram and Twitter, (what a coincidence!) and they look quite sexy on Facebook as well. Use the graphics!

    Here’s what we’re asking you to do…

    On INSTAGRAM, go ahead and make up the perfect post saying you are part of the award-winning anthology and tag everyone on your team (you should be following everyone on your team by now). ALSO, so that you pop up in searches and are more visible please copy and paste these TAGS: @comicbookschool #comics #comicbooks #art #writing #story #anthology #makecomics #makingcomics

    On TWITTER, keep it short and sweet, announce that your story was part of an award-winning anthology and POST the link to your story’s page from the CBS website as well as the graphic. Tag your creative team and @comicbookschool in your post. Twitter allows you tag up to 10 people in a photo, which both saves you characters for your main post, and allows you to tag more people than you’d otherwise be able to fit in the limited character space. If you still have space, use TAGS: #comics #makecomics #makingcomics #comics #art #writingcommunity

    On FACEBOOK, create a killer post that you’re in the award-winning anthology (see a theme here?) and tag everyone you can while also posting the graphic. POST the link to your individual story’s page in the first comment (the Facebook algorithm suppresses posts that take you off the main Facebook site) Write “Link in comments” after the main body text of your post, but before your hashtags. This post should be a big one with all the bells and whistles.

    Next week, we’ll get the participants who are joining for the second challenge to repost, retweet and spread the love.

    Congratulations on the Anthology win, now let’s use it!!


    p class=””>(use the square graphic for Instagram and the rectangular for Twitter; Facebook can use either)

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