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  • Sabretooth Sketch, Critiques Welcome

    Posted by andyseabert on February 4, 2022 at 2:20 am

    Hey All,

    I drew Sabretooth today in between giving 10th graders grief for failing their classes. Would love critiques please.

    Don’t be gentle 😁


    P.S. D. Alley has dropped enough hints to me that we’ll be setting up an Artist’s forum soon and I’ll moderate it, with anyone else who’s interested.

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  • philipspace

    February 4, 2022 at 6:00 am
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    Very, very graphically striking.

    I don’t feel like there’s a particularly harsh critique to give for this. The style that you work in tends towards more expressive body language, anatomy and composition, and this looks quite good.

    My thoughts;

    Strong, expressive shadows. They really direct the eye well. Sabertooth looks weary but wary, like he’s exhausted but there’s still a lot of fight in him.

    From a construction standpoint one arm seems a bit out of proportion with the other. In the case of his legs this is understandable, since one is further back in space, but his trunk is squared, so having his right arm reaching back looks a tad awkward there. Not seriously, mind. I feel like if you rotated his torso, twisted it slightly this would help add dynamism to his stance. Basically the pelvis and the ribcage having a bit more bend or twist in relationship to each other.

    The shape of Saber’s head has an odd distortion to it. Like the face is on a different perspective plane from the cranium. This is creating a strange warp to where his jaw appears to be from where it seems like it should be, though this may just be a stylistic choice.

    Saber’s feet look like the toes are supposed to be bent, but the heel looks like it’s connecting with the ground. Not sure exactly what’s going on there. I also feel like his left hand should be resting a bit more naturally on his leg, palm should be in line with the angle of the surface of his thigh.

    Again, these are minor quibbles. I think it’s an overall strong drawing, and I’m wondering about the paper that you did this on. It looks like a nice textured paper to work on.

    • andyseabert

      February 5, 2022 at 4:55 am
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      Wow, thanks for taking the time for all the feedback Philip, I really appreciate that.

      In looking at it again after reading through your crit, I can see where those problems occur. I run into the feet problem more often than I’d like, that angle always gives me trouble.

      I see what you mean about his face, that is odd.

      Also, I think I lost the twist in the torso as I tightened the drawing up, I recall trying to put it in there in the layout.

      Thanks again and Cheers!

      P.S. “Weary but wary” is how I feel at work by middle of the week. 😆