• Plot: Time Out

  • Dave

    March 8, 2021 at 2:17 am
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    Plot: Time Out

    Time Out Page by Page Breakdown

    With the original plot summary for reference at: https://create.comicbookschool.com/forums/topic/time-out-2/

    Page 1: Morgan is exhausted, walking down a street in her ordinary world. She sees an Ad for Time Out

    Page 2: Morgan enters the Time Out building and the system is explained to her by the Attendant

    Page 3: Morgan uses the Time Out system in practice to get the 15 minute break she desires

    Page 4: Morgan returns home, re-energized for her son’s Birthday Party

    Page 5: Morgan using the Time Out system more and more to catch up on reading, TV shows, and exercise routines

    Page 6: Morgan’s integrates Time Out into her life, taking a break between her commutes to work and returning home

    Page 7: Morgan uses Time Out more and more, for increasing lengths of time

    Page 8: Morgan returns home, having paid for using Time Out so much, visibly aged three decades. In the last panel, the door to the Time Out chamber closes once more..

    Character list:

    Morgan (young (pages 1-5), slightly older (page 6-7), and old (Page 8).

    Morgan’s wife

    The Attendant

    Morgan’s son

    Time Out

  • redheadeded

    March 10, 2021 at 1:49 am
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    Hey @Dave ,

    I really like this story and the plot as you have it here is really well thought out. I am curious why you choose to use the prompt as “Time Out” versus “Time Inn”.. are you going to incorporate the “Inn” as a juxiposition in any way to the phrasing you are using?

    Looking forward to seeing how this comes together in scripting and how you will tell/show the reader that she is stressed about the impending birthday. 🙂

    Thanks for posting!
    D Alley, the Redheadeded

  • Dave

    March 10, 2021 at 8:02 am
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    Hey D,

    Honestly not planning on using the Inn moniker, but I do think we got to the idea with Time Inn as the prompt. We’re leaning to time out to tie it into the Time Out in sports, like a pause in the action, and if anything, its more that Morgan is putting “time in” to the Time Out.


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