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    Posted by krisburgos on April 19, 2021 at 8:32 am

    Hey Comic Book School!

    I am extremely proud to announce that my new comic, Teddies #1, is available for digital purchase on my site Tales Beyond! If you’ve heard of Teddies before, that’s because the second chapter was a part of Comic Book School’s Award-Winning Creator Connections: Panel One anthology!!

    If you remember, the second chapter was illustrated by <a class=’bp-suggestions-mention’ href=’’ rel=’nofollow’>@mikedoestheart while the first half was drawn by Jim Webb (Heavy Metal). With both chapters put together IN COLOR for the first time, now is definitely a good chance to get in on why Teddies is so kick-ass. (colors were done by JP Vilchis who did the art for Ragnarok Come, the award-winning story within the Panel One anthology)

    And don’t let the cute and cuddly idea of a stuffed doll fool you, Teddies is an adventure of a foul-mouthed bear and a child on a journey into the nightmare world under the bed to rescue a friend. It’s a quality read for mature audiences.

    I’d feel honored for some support so head over to Tales Beyond and pick up a copy and spread the word!

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