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  • Mr. Stupendous In the clutches of…Doctor When — Plot

  • thesurrealari

    March 6, 2021 at 3:27 am
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    Here is the plot for my Mr. Stupendous story. I have all the pages mapped, but am considering moving some of them around, especially in the middle. Let me know what you think.


    –MR STUPENDOUS–the archetypal superhero, slightly outmoded in the modern world

    –DOCTOR WHEN–A time traveling villain. A lord of time. Absolutely nothing to do with Doctor Who, why would you even ask?


    PAGE 1–In Medias Res, present day. Mr. Stupendous is about to defeat DOCTOR WHEN, but right at his moment of triumph, When activates a TIME TRAVEL DEVICE, which opens a portal that allows him to escape elsewhen. The battle takes place in front of The TIME INN.

    PAGE 2–Upon following WHEN through the portal, STUPENDOUS finds himself in the golden age of comics. Confused by the changes to his costume, speaking style, hairstyle, etc–but mostly by the strange voice that now narrates his adventure from excessive captions (that are just in the way), he becomes distracted, which allows When to, momentarily, gain the upper hand. Stupendous is thrown into a car, now parked in front of a 30’s style art-deco TIME INN. He lifts the car in the iconic Action Comics 1/Superman pose, but before he can throw it at his adversary, When jumps again…

    PAGE 3–When STUPENDOUS arrives through the portal, he finds himself in a 1960’s-era Lee/Kirby/Ditko Silver-Age world. The heroes battle while bantering in the classic Marvel style, but, eventually their quips become too raunchy, and the last panel is censored, covered by the Approved by the Comics Code seal. We can see the fringes of the time-jump effect aroudn the edges of the seal.

    PAGE 4–The Heroes now face off in a far-distant Anime/Manga dystopian future. The INN is now in ruins in the backdrop. They trade dialogue about balance and time, squint at each other Clint Eastwood style, and then jump at each other to attack, with rainbow action lines (First of the North Star was the anime references we used) indicating their action. At the moment where they would collide, they time jump leaving them in…

    PAGE 5–Elizabethan England, where STUPENDOUS bites his thumb at WHEN, ouch! hurting himself and drawing his own blood. WHEN uses the moment to his advantage, and they duel with rapiers until they jump again to…

    PAGE 6–90’s IMAGE Ron Leifeld parody–The battle continues, WHEN and STUPENDOUS fight, while commenting on their super-buff physiques. STUPENDOUS lands a blow on the TIME DEVICE, causing it spark and crackle. Nevertheless, the next time-jump occurs.

    PAGE 7–With the device on the fritz, WHEN is no longer in control of the jumps. Each panel is now a jump, and each blow knocks the combatants into a new time period. They go to cave person times, mullet-superman era, ancient Greece, Conan or He-Man sword and Sorcery, 200’s pixar Incredibles. Throughout the page, they trade blows, and STUPENDOUS has landed the last one. When winds up, but as he delivers the blow…

    PAGE 8–They jump to medieval times. WHEN’s bare fist (he is just a guildsman or a scholar) lands on SIR STUPENDOUS’ armor (I’m thinking the beaver of his helmet) and breaks. Battle over, Stupendous wins. Unfortunately, he is now stuck in medieval times, until the device opens a portal back to the present. He says his catch-phrase, an exasperated, sarcastic “stupendous”, before dragging When to yonder TIME INN for a pint while they wait.


    The first two and last two pages are pretty set. I can be convinced, and am looking for feedback about whether to change the order of the middle pages for greater comedic or storytelling effect.

    Thanks, in advance.

  • rakeemnelson

    March 7, 2021 at 6:51 am
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    I’m super excited to see how this evolved! I’m only thrown off by page 5 due to it being the only page not dedicated to a comic-era style. Other than that, my only suggestion is that the style down have to be so linear. You can go Golden to Manga, back to Silver then to Image, but this isn’t a big deal and the way you have it now is fine.

  • Dave

    March 8, 2021 at 2:11 am
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    Really fun premise, and should be a visual treat given all the different styles. I would love for the action scene in page 3 to involve someone swinging a thought bubble at the other, especially if the characters can see the narration boxes.


  • redheadeded

    March 10, 2021 at 2:00 am
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    Hey @thesurrealari ,

    I am really looking forward to working on this.. do you have an idea about how many total times you want to run through? I will catch up with you more on the scripting side, since I know you work things out more as you write.

    Thanks for Posting!

    D Alley, the Redheadeded

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