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    Posted by jholder12 on June 17, 2021 at 8:22 pm

    Hey, so a Facebook group was asking for a retrospective after the campaign, so I wanted to make some initial diagnoses of the campaign. @evan-scale feel free to add your own opinions and views.

    Legends of the Realm was a great challenge getting to the final funding, but with it being done, I can say that this was a great experience.

    The Bad:

    I don’t think it was clear that we were offering a comic that was more than double the size of normal single issues, which made the price tag seem obnoxious. Feedback also tells me that people really didn’t know, even though it was posted. Which means that I either had to do more promo on that regard.

    While this was my 9th Kickstarter, it was extremely hard to get that 8k needed for a brand new IP. Folks, PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS, GETTING MORE THAN 3k CAN BE BRUTAL!

    As with everyone else, I really was hoping for more promotion. I’ll talk about the solutions after the good.

    The Good:

    Evan was essential. Having artwork to share, new design work, and extra goodies to add in made this a lot more fun.

    Daily backer bonus game. Started designing flash fiction for the world of Legends of the Realm, which backers could add twists, characters, items on if they had backed already. Helped backers design our world, and really made them feel like a part of the burgeoning universe.

    Over a hundred backers for a new IP is STAGGERING to me. I have never cracked triple digits on a title that was just mine (don’t count anthologies). And I’m hoping with more content later, that the fanbase will grow.

    What’s Next:

    We are completing the book, and looking forward to new issues. The plan currently is a 6-issue “arc,” where each issue can stand alone by itself while having a coherent narrative. I felt like the first few issues on Kickstarter should have on-ramps clearly set while we build the fan base.

    We are hoping to do some sort of launch in January 2022, so I’ll be spending the next six months promoting Torn Soul and what comes next, hoping to get this put together.

    We also will most likely be asking for less than half than what we were going for, something like 3k, with the next issues being more traditionally sized.

    What I need to figure out: Promotion and more online presence.

    Stretch goals. I really don’t know how to do those right.

    This was long, and helpful for me personally. Thank you!

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