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    “H Gap”

    by Anthony Pearce


    25 years ago a mad mage, The Hierophant, recruited a team of mentally unstable meta-humans (the Crazy 8s) to help him open a portal that would grant him godlike powers.
    Realizing the flood of magical energies through the portal could devastate our world, the 8’s recruited a larger team of heroes to stop the Hierophant’s plan.

    They failed.

    In a desperate, last-second attempt, one hero, Stopwatch, incased himself and his teammates in a bubble of stopped time. The magical energies from the portal bombarded the bubble, creating fractures in time all around it.

    The Hotel Hospitempus was built on the remains of this battle.

    The setting:

    The Hotel Hospitempus; a hotel featuring portals to numerous eras.

    The characters:

    Hierry (19) is too young to know what life was like before the Hierophant opened the portal, and so views him as a hero for creating the magical world they live in now.

    Christine, (35) the manager of The Hospitempus, remembers the battle painfully well and sees the Hierophant as a villain.

    The story:

    Christine, is training a new recruit, Hierry. The pair go about their duties as Christine tells the boy the story of heroes who tried to stop the Hierophant.

    Intercutting between their conversation and flashbacks, Christine tells Hierry about the Crazy 8’s plot, their recruitment of reinforcements, and the origin of one hero, Stopwatch: An anthropologist who underwent a ritual with an ancient indigenous tribe. After returning home to the states and his 10-year-old daughter, Tina, he discovered the ritual had given him the power to create limited bubbles of stopped time.

    As the battle with the Hierophant’s ended and his portal flooded our world with magical energies, Stopwatch created his largest bubble ever in a desperate attempt to save his team.

    After visiting a cretaceous room, Christine explains to Hierry that The Hospitempus was built on the remains of the battle site. Doors lead directly into different times because they were literally installed to line up with the fractures created by the magical portal energies that bombarded the bubble of stopped time.

    At their final stop, Christine reveals that a room at the center of the hotel still contains the heroes frozen in their bubble of time. Irradiated with so much power, the normally temporary bubble had lasted for decades.
    Christine (Tina) is running this hotel until she can find a way to open that bubble and free Stopwatch; her father.

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