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    H Gap


    Pg 1. Christine tells her new hire, Hierold, that there’s an untold side to the legend of how the Heirophant opened a portal to flood our world with magical energy.

    Pg 2. Christine covers the Hierophant’s rise to magical power, which Hierold thinks is awesome. Christina does not.

    Pg 3. Christine and Harry work in the hotel (changing the bedding in a Western style room).

    Flashback: The team ‘hired’ by the Hierophant (The Crazy 8’s) uncovered a malevolent side to the Heirophant’s plan, but failed to stop him.

    Pg 4. Christine and Heirold work in the hotel (changing out torches in a medieval castle).

    Flashback: The 8’s call in reinforcements including someone called Stopwatch.

    Pg 5. Flashback: A brief origin explaining Stopwatch’s power to create small bubbles of stopped time, limited in size and duration. At that time he had a 10-year-old daughter.

    Pg 6. Flashback: The Heirophant defeats the reinforcements. In desperation, Stopwatch encloses his team in a bubble of stopped time, which is bombarded with Magical energy.

    Pg 7. Christine and Heirold work in the hotel, included a room with a velociraptor. Heirold is terrified, but Christine is nonplussed.

    Pg 8. Christine explains the hotel was built on the remains of the battle, every door lining up with a fracture in time. She reveals a room with Stopwatch’s team, still frozen in time. She’s Stopwatch’s daughter, managing the hotel til she can free her father.

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