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    Posted by joshdahl on May 17, 2021 at 7:11 am

    Ok, we’ve had a year without pop-culture events. We all learned how to get by without them and we all felt the loss of our favorite con-stuff.

    So, while the table has ben cleared, we have a chance to re-think what these things are.

    Plus, I’ve been listening to a podcast about “The Age Of Apocalypse”, so I’ve been thinking about time travel….

    So, here’s how I’ll put the question to you…

    Think about your whole convention experience in previous years. What aspects have been recreated in virtual cons, zoom events, videos, social media, classes, THIS GROUP, etc? And which parts of the experience were just lost? What did it make you yearn for? What did you realize you could do without?

    And think about all of your NEEDS that must be addressed for you to feel satisfied with the experience?

    Imagine someone went back in time to save comic cons and they messed. It went wrong! And comic cons were never created!

    If we were tasked with creating the FIRST EVER COMIC CON… RIGHT NOW!… what would it look like?
    All “tradition” and “expectation” are wiped clean.

    Get creative.

    Josh Dahl

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