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  • CBS NFT Profile for Open Sea – Lets make a community portfolio and sell our NFTs

    Posted by vince on January 19, 2022 at 3:24 am

    Hello all,

    I made a posting on the Main Forum about NFTs with Open Sea, but now we have a special forum here dedicated to all things NFT and Crypto!

    So here goes, Open Sea is a free platform where you can upload your NFT comic art OR other formats, of which they accept MANY, including audio and video formats to be sold or auctioned on the Open Sea platform.

    A regular old JPG of a piece of comic art is just that. A copy. However, once minted (there is a ‘gas’ fee to mint, paid with crypto$), think of that JPG now being Notarised on the Block-chain, and is immutable or cannot be duplicated nor destroyed.

    First, The challenge is, and hopefully an opportunity, is for the CBS Comic Community to post, sell, and be rewarded online through a singular CBS Open Sea account using “Smart Contracts” assigned to all who participate, to keep cyrpto banking info safe, and

    Is this possible? We don’t know just yet!!! An email went out today to Open Sea’s support channels, asking this query, and hopefully we can get an answer soon enough.

    Second, individually of course we can all make our very own Open Sea NFT accounts, and do our on selling/posting and promotion that way. I have posted a brief screen shot of my profile to give you an idea how user friendly Open Sea is.

    Starters: Crypto Wallet and MetaMask In order to get rolling with any NFT venture, you need to get a free wallet. is a big favourite. Go get yourself one.

    Be SURE to have a secure piece of paper to write down the 12 word ‘seed’ prompt when you sign up. Metamask runs on Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS – as an extension. Allow for this on your most up to date computer device. This is the 12 word phrase needed to unlock and start up your wallet. It MUST be written down, NO ONE will ever give it to you, should you forget. Its not like “forgot password”? as that info is on a centralised server, some place.

    Remember the Blockchain is ALL about decentralisation, and ledger distribution. It is a mathematical way of guaranteeing non-3rd party trust. Which is a good thing.

    So, in very simple form – the challenge is to see if we as a comic community, can have all our comic art and related content for sale as NFTs on the Comic Book School’s Open Sea account.

    The amazing opportunity would be that ALL of our collective social media presences, our followers, our own reputations, online relationships can be directed to the CBS Open Sea account, should you wish to sell anything comic related, as NFTs.

    Stay Tuned folks!

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