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    We are joined by Arielle Lupkin as she explains her beginnings and how her progression into the industry is coming along. Hosted by DEE & Mister AnderSiN Join this discussion on the forums below, and let’s debate how to professionally act within the comic book industry and what to avoid that could cause your reputation harm.

    • Ask questions, Answer with your experiences!
    • Give us your definition and examples you may want to discuss on the call.
    • We will be inviting community members on to the Live Stream to talk directly to our community as questions come up.

    The more you chat here the better the Discussion on Sunday, and hopefully we can all learn a thing or two about how to work more clearly and cooperate in the future. #werisetogether #CNW #RiseUp #Art #AnderSiN #COMiX #indiecomics #Comicbooks #Artist #Writer #INDEE #CBA #COMiXToK #indiecomicstok #CreateComics #MakeComics We had some discussions in the Council of the Willing to bring back Community Calls. The Tuesday Live stream is full of great guests and insights, but we want to makes sure we are doing all we can to bring you the best industry working knowledge (for free!) that will help you in your comic careers. Whether that’s working for the big 2 in a corporate run book, or striking out on your own with indie publications, or even for the novice/hobbyist who justs wants to create in this medium. So Mr. Andersin and I are starting the new community calls aptly named: CBS – Assembly.

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