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  • Artistic resemblance from Zenn-La

    Posted by maryamsmark on October 5, 2020 at 6:06 am

    Artistic resemblance,
    Watching cartoons and relaxing today, I turned on X-Men and Silver Surfer on Disney +. I saw a a little resemblance between Silver Surfer and Professor X’s illustration. I started to think rather there was something to that with marvel… are they using the same illustrator. Is Professor X really Silver Surfer? What is Silver Surfer’s powers – wait Silver Surfer is a mutant! Could you imagine that? Imagine with me, years later X-Mansion founder is really from Zenn-La. Since he is a mutant, he is eternal. No longer capable of “surfing” Professor X is dedicating his life to helping other mutants control their powers. Step into this sci-fi add on. What would you say could be going on? After all, we are the makers of fiction…

    Days away from the end of the Comic Book challenge…who goes there?

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