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  • buddyscalera

    April 12, 2020 at 3:58 am
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    Thank you for participating in our first 8-Page Challenge (aka the one where we make it up as we go). Now that we are up and running, it seems like we need a place to share our ideas.

    Here is a place to share your ideas! Here is an example that you can use as a starting point:

    Post your ideas here in this thread. This is the official place for sharing your story ideas, but you can continue the discussion anywhere you want on these boards. If we need additional breakout boards, please let me or one of the Council members know. We are (as noted above) making this one up as we go.

    As noted in other posts, we are still early in the process. We encourage you to bring fellow creators to join us on the boards.

  • george-dawkins-ii

    April 12, 2020 at 7:37 am
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    Lavatasha vs Black Ice

    Cold Cash
    At a bank, business goes on as usual. Suddenly, an icy explosion occurs at the entrance causing people to scream. Black Ice, a black man wearing a sleeveless hoodie and baggy jeans, enters. Some security guards approach him and point their guns at him. Black Ice freezes the guards and walks toward the safe. Suddenly, the ice that formed at the entrance from the previous explosion starts melting as Lavatasha, a black teenage girl with lava powers, flies in (by shooting fire from her hands and feet).

    Black Ice shoots a blast of ice at her, but Lavatasha shoots a blast of lava. Their blasts collide and struggle against each other. Black Ice’s blast begins to win the struggle causing Lavatasha to withdraw her blast. He shoots more ice blasts at her, and she dodges them by flying. Flying towards him, she knocks him out with a flame-propelled kick to the face.

    The security guards handcuff Black Ice as Lavatasha unthaws the last of them with her heat powers. She flies away with a smile.


  • andresbriano

    April 12, 2020 at 5:07 pm
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    Characters: The Elf General, the Dwarf General, the Orc General, the Goblin General and the legendary beast Gunungwangi.

    The generals of two great armies at war, agree a momentary truce in the middle of the battlefield to sit down and negotiate. On one side, an army of dwarves and elves. On the other, one of Orcs and Goblins.

    A common enemy has appeared and has been decimating all races equally. Each race according to their own legends, believe that this gigantic beast is the herald of the end of times. The dwarves speak of their prophecy The Twilight of the Gods: that says:

    Gunungwangi, an immortal Seven-Headed Dragon with sharp spears in its legs, born in hell from Serpent and Flying Beast, big as an ocean, with a shriek as thunder, and an appetite as a volcano that is never satisfied until no more flesh remains.

    So they decide to unite to fight it together. And for that, they will join their skills to create a magical weapon like no other seen before. It will be forged by the Dwarves, using fire provided by the Orcs and iron ore provided by the Goblins, and the Elves would grant it magical powers.

    This magnificent weapon is forged and all soldiers stand together for one last fight. The beast shows up and the weapon proves useless as it is destroyed in a first attack, without even harming the creature. And then, just as the prophecy predicts, before the end of times, the day turns suddenly into night. Which, in reality, is nothing more than an All-Stars sneaker that steps on a cockroach. Because of a matter of scale, this gigantic Gunungwangi was nothing more than a garden variety cockroach. And the tribes that were battling it, were merely millimeters tall.

  • thesurrealari

    April 12, 2020 at 8:55 pm
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    Title: A Day In The Life of Mr. Stupendous

    By: A. A. Rubin (Writer) and Arielle Lupkin (Artist)

    Concept Summary: Being a crime-fighting hero isn’t easy, especially in the modern city. You’re out all night fighting crime, working a day job to put food on the table, and trying to maintain your secret identity in a world where smartphones and security cameras are watching your every move. Follow the adventures of Mr. Stupendous, as he navigates the trials and tribulations of being a spandex-clad vigilante. Sure, he’s been blessed with the ability to fly and superhuman strength, but those powers are useless against his boss’ uncanny ability to barge into his cubicle when he is trying to catch a quick nap to make up the hours of sleep missed after a night of fighting crime. Further, his wife is starting to get suspicious about all those late nights, and he can’t exactly be truthful about what he’s really been up to, even to her. Still, things aren’t all bad. Nothing beats the feeling of soaring high above the city, or delivering the knockout blow after a hard-fought battle with a giant green alien. Now, if only this city still had decent phone booths in which he could change into his costume. Mr. Stupendous satirizes the superhero genre, providing readers with the “inside story” of the daily life of the World’s Greatest Hero. Along the way, they will find that despite his amazing abilities, his problems are, in the end, all too human.

    Plot Summary: The story follows MR STUPENDOUS throughout a random, typical day in his life. Starting with a late-night battle and his arrival back home in the early-morning, post-midnight hours, and covering his daily routine from his morning ablutions through a “special” surprise dinner he prepares for his unsuspecting wife using his super-powers.
    The structure is loosely episodic, following his daily routine—including using his wife’s concealer to cover his bruises from the previous night’s battle, having to fly to work in the rain after missing his train, being berated by his boss for being late again, having to use a port-a-potty because there are no more phonebooths in the city, etc—are loosely connected by the timestamp which will occur throughout the comic (similar to the clock in “24”) to give shape to the day, and all highlight the way that he is both slightly outmoded in the modern world, and that his everyday problems are exasperated by his secret life. Each episode is punctuated by the title character sarcastically saying, “Stupendous.”

    Underscoring the comedic story, the driving tension stems from Mr. Stupendous overhearing (using his super-hearing) his wife’s suspicion that he is cheating on her, and his desire to get home on time to make her a nice dinner and allay her concerns.
    Thus, while the individual gags are episodic and could in many cases stand on their own without the frame story, there is a circular narrative underpinning the story, between the wife’s suspicion and Mr. Stupendous’ duty as a costumed hero.
    At the end of the story, when the couple is sitting down to a dinner, complete with wine that Mr. Stupendous has flown to France to procure, Mr. Stupendous asks his wife if she likes the meal, and she responds with a completely unironic “Stupendous.”

  • philipspace

    April 12, 2020 at 11:08 pm
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    As I was reading your synopsis, I was thinking it would be better if you had other characters utter the “Stupendous” line for him, ironically or otherwise. Then you have his wife saying it for him at the end, which I think puts a nice cap on it.

  • philipspace

    April 12, 2020 at 11:30 pm
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    Trapped in Time (Working title);

    Girl from the 25th century and her 19th century Cowboy companion are being chased by guardsmen in the Middle-ages. Captured by the Evil Knight, they are taken back to his castle and dungeon where they await torture and execution (’cause it’s the Middle-ages).

    Evil Knight is accompanied by a Young Squire, who is the future heir to the lands and castle overseen by Evil Knight, and have a brief horseback conversation on the way back to the castle.

    That evening, Evil Knight meets with future-girl’s nemesis, Evil Professor, who has been tracking her across time with his henchman, a 19th Century Bandit. The Evil Professor offers the Evil Knight a way to take control of the kingdom by offering him advanced weaponry in exchange for his prisoners, but this meeting is overheard by the Young Squire. Before the protagonists can be handed over, the young Squire sneaks into the dungeon and frees them. They reacquire their future-tech, and race through the castle seeking escape, with guards in pursuit. Finding a room, Future-girl opens up a time portal. The last panel has all three of them standing confused in 21st century Big City, repeater, sword, and time-wand at the ready.

    At this point I have the page flow pretty much plotted out, and I’m working up thumbnails and prelims. I wanted to go with easily recognizable character archetypes so that the story could get right underway. My other thought was Future-girl and the young Squire meeting up with the Cowboy in the 19th century instead (still ending in a 21st century big city), but I like the “Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” vibe of this just slightly better.

  • jholder12

    April 12, 2020 at 11:37 pm
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    My Concept
    Camriddeon and the Leighman Lurkers
    Written by: Jack Holder
    Illustrated by: Evan Scale

    Told from the perspective of one of the village boys.
    Camriddeon is a young mage in the court of the king known as the Wild Bear. He is sent to investigate tales of monsters plaguing a small village town called Leighman. He comes into the town, speaking with elders, and playing with the children at the same time.
    There is talk of the Leighman Lurker. A terrifying beast that dwells on the old crossroad just outside of town. For decades it has done harmless pranks, but now, it seems to have developed a taste for blood.
    Late at night, Camriddeon goes out and takes on a terrifying beast. The boy sneaks out, and watches Camriddeon take on the Lurker. A winged, clawed thing, while he does battle with magic and a will to match. He destroys the beast, and is about to bend down towards something, before turning and sending the boy home.
    The townsfolk cheer Camriddeon on the next day. And he talks with the townsfolk, happy for what has happened. But the boy can see a small sadness in Camriddeon, and silently follows him again. Camriddeon goes back to the crossroads, and sees the true Lurker. A misshapen, glowing spirit, ugly and depressed. Camriddeon takes the beast with him, far away from the terrors of man.
    Camriddeon takes a last look at the boy, who sees what the mage is doing. And the mage smiles, and tosses a ball towards the boy, before being gone without a trace.

  • david-shear

    April 13, 2020 at 12:25 am
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    this is the story concept for Lyla and My story!

    TITLE: Crocus Tavern
    Written by Lyla Katz
    Art by: David Shear

    Story Concept:

    Hana is your typical high fantasy Tavern keeper. Working hard every night to provide for her regulars as well as adventurers that have returned from or are going on quests.

    Hana Inherited the Tavern from her father but is feeling unfulfilled with the busy tavern lifestyle and wonders what she is missing.

    After strong-looking Barbarians come to claim the Tavern as their own territory and enslave Hana, a mysterious rogue warrior steps in to save Hana and her Tavern from the ruffians.

    The rogue makes it known that their pronouns are they/them and they’re name is Kei. The Barbarians refuse to respect these pronouns, making the fight more personal for Kei.

    Hana is enamored by the warrior’s strength and cool personality and asks them to be a full-time security guard at her Tavern to which Kei accepts.

    Hana begins her life with Kei and is feeling more fulfilled having someone by her side.

  • toddmatthy

    April 13, 2020 at 1:46 am
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    Hi everybody,

    Here are my ideas. If you’re interested in drawing any of them, please email me at Or message me here.


    Written by Todd Matthy

    Crusher Christian is a veteran professional wrestler who treats the business like it’s real. He is booked to lose a match to Sleazy Steve and take his finisher, the “pelvaplex.” Crusher doesn’t want to take the pelvaplex. Instead he decides to teach Sleazy Steve a lesson, physically. When he and Sleazy Steve set up the pelvaplex, Crusher hits him in the face with an elbow. He tells Sleazy Steve if he wants to win, he’s got to show him he deserves it. Crusher actually wrestles Steve. Steve wins with a low blow and cradle. Crusher says there is hope for him. One week later, Sleazy Steve shows up at Crusher’s wrestling school.

    “Hole in the Sky”
    Written by Todd Matthy

    An artist named Kirby lives on Asteroid X-616. Everyday he draws what he sees and talks to Rose, who lives on a neighboring asteroid. One day a hole appears in the space near them. Rose dares him to find out what’s on the other side. Kirby takes the dare. First, he builds a cosmic fishing rod. It fails. Next, a cosmic harpoon. It fails. Rose laughs. Finally, he builds a cosmic grappling hook and snags a nearby meteor. Kirby and the meteor are pulled into the hole. Rose wonders if she’ll ever see him again.

    “The Target”

    Written by Todd Matthy

    The world has succumbed to an aerial virus. People cannot go outside without masks. Misako Kasura is the top assassin for the Company, a group fighting the virus. Her orders are to kill an agent trying to smuggle a new strain of the virus into America. In exchange, the Company promises to give her daughter the first vaccine with the cure. She completes the mission. Searching the target’s body she finds a pack of seeds with coordinates. Misako memorizes the coordinates before dropping the seeds at Company Headquarters. She goes home and enters the coordinates into G-Earth. The coordinates are an island where the virus is contained. A voice tells her that if she’s seeing this it means their agent was terminated. The voice says the seeds are to a tree that absorbs the virus. Their agent came to America to plant it. The voice finishes that this was the only attempt they’d make to share it. Misako looks at her daughter, who’s breathing through a respirator, and realizes she failed her.

    “Black Terror: Brainwashed”
    Written by Todd Matthy

    Told in the style of a classic Golden Age feature. Jean Starr is driving in a blizzard when her car gets a flat tire. She goes to a nearby house for help, unaware that inside is a mad scientist. The mad scientist brainwashes her. The next day, Bob Benton is at his drug store when he sees the bank across the street is robbed. He sees the culprit is Jean. Bob turns into the Black Terror and follows her to the mad scientist’s house. Inside, the mad scientist orders Jean to trap the Black Terror in his brainwashing machine. Refusing to fight her, Jean shoves the Terror into the device. Seeing the Terror in agony snaps Jean out of her hypnosis. She turns off the device only to find the Terror has been brainwashed. To test his loyalty, the mad scientist orders the Black Terror to tie Jean to a press. He does. Jean cries to the Terror for help, overriding the brain washing. The Black Terror shoves the mad scientist into his device and brainwashes him into surrendering, allowing him to free Jean with no trouble.

  • rakeemnelson

    April 13, 2020 at 2:46 am
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    TITLE: Untitled as of now
    Written by Rakeem Nelson
    Story Concept: In this noir-like tale, a young detective is given the case of her elementary school career when a client goes to her with proof of the lunchtime bandit. The young PI is happy to prove to the others that she’s the best at what she does. But with crooked hall monitors, lazy teachers, and ears that seem to be everywhere, this PI might have bitten off more than she could chew.

    Moments away from solving the case, Susie Sureway wakes up tied to a chair in an abandoned classroom. A voice from the shadows tells her not to scream as everyone else is out at recess.

    Earlier that day Susie was in her janitor closet office organizing her trading cards. Suddenly in walks Vanessa Basial and Henry Ink, two kids from a neighboring class. Susie wants to kick them out but sits them down for a round of juice boxes when they say they have a tip on the lunchtime bandit.

    Armed with her clue, Susie begins to chase after the case. But her new lead lands her in a trap.

    Back in the present, out walks Henry out of the shadows revealing that the clue was fake, and it was all a set up so he could join the hall monitors. Little does Henry know; his teacher was in the room the whole time.

    Returning to her office, Susie finds it broken into with one of her prized trading cards stolen. And the only clue is a bow from Vanessa.

  • mrkylerose

    April 13, 2020 at 4:00 am
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    Title: “The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning”
    Characters: Abigail, Officer Rob

    Logline: Abigail steals a time machine in the future to save herself from her own past.

    After arguing with her family on their annual camping trip, Abigail runs off into the woods and stumbles upon a sizeable obelisk-like object. She doesn’t know it, but this is a time machine. In order to get a closer look, Abigail leans into the machine and is accidentally transported approximately 100 years into the future. Upon arrival, she is arrested by Officer Rob for stealing said time machine. She pleads that this isn’t the case, and she has no idea how she got there.

    Abigail manages to breaks the cop’s grip and makes a run for it. A chase ensues. Unfamiliar with her surroundings, Abigail looks for anything that might help her elude the pursuing officer. This scene plays out much like the opening chase scene from “Trainspotting” with Abigail dodging obstacles and avoiding traffic. She puts some distance between her and officer Rob but is spotted by one of the city’s many hi-tech surveillance tactics— a pigeon with a back-mounted camera. The station radios Rob Abigail’s position and he takes a shortcut to catch up. Thinking she is safe, Abigail ducks behind a video kiosk. Rob catches her and draws his baster, asking her to come without a struggle.

    Out of the corner of her eye, Abigail notices another time machine being washed by its owner. She throws her phone at Officer Rob and takes off for the Time Machine. Knocking over its owner, Abigail jumps inside and slams the door shut. The machines A.I. asks her when she wants to go. She tells it 5 minutes before she left. The A.I. scans her, gets a temporal lock, and returns her to her present.

    Abigail runs back to the campsite to warn herself. When she gets there, her parents tell her, ‘that was quick.” Realizing she has just missed herself, she runs back into the woods just in time to see her ‘past self’ fall into the time machine—completing the circle and sealing her fate.

  • krisburgos

    April 13, 2020 at 4:51 am
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    Title: No Shelter
    Writer: Kris Burgos
    Artist: ?????

    The world is being slowly overrun by dueling factions of monsters as the first signs of Ragnarok have begun. To combat the opposing sides as the creatures fight for domination of Midgard, the various Viking tribes have united their forces to combat the threat and survive.

    GUNNAR is a warrior in one of the Viking forces and he’s found himself cut off from his group after they’d infiltrated a town stuck in the middle of a days-long monster battle. Their initial priority was to survey the monsters and purge the town of both factions. That mission had gone fubar and the Vikings have now been ordered to evacuate the town, for by the time the sun sets behind the mountains to the west, the town is to be decimated by a flaming arrow bombardment from the distant treeline to the east.

    The story starts here…

    Gunnar is trying to get out of the village before the bombardment begins, using the commotion of the battling monsters and the shadows for cover. He’s been roughed up, already barely surviving an encounter or two and now weaponless, when he finds KAIA, a young girl who has survived the days of violence on her own. Together, they make their way to the docks in an attempt to sail their way to safety, but the fighting has destroyed the boats and monsters battle in the river.

    They backtrack through town to attempt the highly visible run from the village through the vast clearing to the woods to the east, where Viking forces await, stoking their fires and readying to annihilate everything. Before they can attempt the run through the open field, Gunnar and Kaia are forced once more into hiding. In the armorer’s shop. After Gunnar reequips a shield and axe they are discovered by a hellish beast. Gunner stands ready to defend the girl but is quickly disarmed of his axe and is thrown through a wall. The monster has Gunnar on his back with only his shield between them as he screams for the girl to run. Disobeying, Kaia throws her knife to Gunnar who drives it home into the creature’s skull.

    Dragging his axe and a small sword with her, Kaia assists the warrior to his feet. Their scuffle has attracted more monsters and the two are surrounded by creatures. The child steps in front of the warrior holding up her sword and ready to defend him as they both look upward and see the sky lighting up from the east. The flaming arrows are coming.

    Visualization: The style I’m seeing for this is that the monsters aren’t really seen until the final confrontation. Only the destruction (bodies and buildings), shadows of creatures in the backgrounds, and the characters’ reactions to what is seen or heard off-panel are what is on the page. So this can be a series of closeups and environmental work with shadowing and lighting playing a big part until the end.

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  • evolver

    April 13, 2020 at 4:52 am
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    Series Title: The Unfixed Man
    Characters: Anuton (“Newton” or “Newt”) Holloway

    Story Title: A Prince of Thieves
    Characters: Newt vs. Saint Elaine and her thugs

    Newt, a Traveler, is running low on the power source he uses to both sustain his life and enable him to skirt the laws of physics. Another Traveler, Saint Elaine, is in town, preying on the locals to build her own fuel supply, and Newt intends to take what he needs from her. She is holding a procession through one of the main streets of the city, where Newt plans to create a distraction, slip in, take what he needs from her fuel tanks, and slip out again quickly. Little does Newt know, Saint Elaine and her associates are expected him to attach them, and they’ve set a trap for him.

    Saint Elaine’s line of religious devotees lead a long procession through the streets, her own large carnival float in tow, guarded by her golems. Newt, hiding on the fringes of the gathered crowd, waits for his moment. He launches a flash bang grenade into the middle of her golems, quickly moves to her fuel tanks, and hooks up his extraction device.

    Sensing him nearby, Saint Elaine gives the order, and one of her golems triggers a stunning device attached to the fuel tanks. She miscalculated, however, and the tank ignites, hurling Newt away from the float as it erupts in flames.
    Revived golems chase Newt, who turns down an alleyway and he … disappears. He has teleported using some of the last of his fuel. He discovers that he barely extracted any new fuel from Saint Elaine’s tanks, and consumed precious resources escaping. He’s in a worse position than when he started.

    He’s distracted from his reverie by the sight of a huddled family in a nearby doorway, their child is sick. He rolls his eyes and grumbles, and uses yet more of his precious fuel reserves to heal the child.

    He turns a corner down an alley heading toward his home. While distracted by a gauge showing him that his fuel reading is dangerously low, he is caught in a large sort of spiderweb. Three shadowy figures lurk in the background, whispering his name.

  • buddyscalera

    April 13, 2020 at 5:43 am
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    IDEA #1 – Based on the “Mid-Life Crisis” characters by me and my pal @andyseabert.

    Mid-Life Crisis
    Crisis, Villain

    Springboard: “Our Town Villain”
    Crisis is at a local town function in his secret identity when he realizes that someone in the crowd may be a stone-cold villain who went missing 20 years ago. Now he must decide if he should attempt to apprehend the villain and blow his secret identity. To make matters worse, he’s concerned that a battle could injure innocent people.

    Of course, the hardest part is trying to ID the villain while not appearing suspicious. We play this as serious comedy. That is, Crisis is serious, but it is comical as he tries to use his smartphone to ID the guy.

    In the end, he must make a decision: Attack or let the villain get away. But the real twist is when the villain approaches him to say that he knows that Crisis has been watching him. Crisis is ready to fight when he realizes that the guy wasn’t the villain at all.

    He was either (a) a minor hero who came and went, (b) a guy who was a villain, but not the one that Crisis thought, or (c) something else. Not sure what the final twist is, so I’ll need to work that out. Needs to be funny.

  • john-ashton-golden

    April 13, 2020 at 7:39 am
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    Series Title: “Robby Beyond”
    Story Title: TBD
    Written and Illustrated by John Ashton Golden
    Main Characters: Robby ___, Bi-Do Malfofa, and Skizazz

    Elevator pitch: A fantastic quest for home a la The Wizard of Oz, set enthusiastically against a uniquely blended backdrop of swords and sorcery and science fiction.

    Overall Concept: A precocious loner of a teenager in a small country town named Robby, finds himself whisked away to another world one fateful day. He doesn’t know where he is or how exactly he got there, but it is clear that he is “not in Kansas anymore”. He soon meets and reluctantly takes up travel with the huge, bestial, feline warrior Bi-Do; and the telepathic, scientific, bug-eyed alien Skizazz (the three characters are well fleshed out visually already). Along the way they find themselves in many adventures, predicaments, danger, and personal evolution! I see this as an ongoing series with a huge potential for creative expression and direction, yet easy enough to end when the time is right.

    Backstory: This is a story and a cast of characters I have been kicking around in my head since I was in college at RIT back in the late 90s-early 00s. I pencilled at least 10 pages and inked 7 of those back then for a class. I’ve drawn and thought about them several more times over the years, and would love to create a pitch for either a Kickstarter or to send to a publisher, so I see this 8 page challenge as the perfect environment to finally do that!

    8 Page Story Concept: In this 8 pages we would be introduced to Robby. He is the narrator, and describes himself and his small town life. We cut to realize that Robby is certainly not in this small town life anymore, and is actually in great peril. He is surrounded by strange beings, two of which we quickly understand are on his side. The trio break free of their predicament, have some sort of scrap encounter, and possibly recover something related to their perilous situation. We get the broad strokes of the three main characters’ personalities and capabilities. We may or may not also include a quick interlude back to Robby’s family, who only understand him to be missing for some time now and are extraordinarily worried. Enter a bold investigator named Paul Davides, who suggests to the family he be able to shed new light on what happened to Robby (character inspired by David Paulides, author of the “Missing 411” series). The 8 pages ends on a high note, with our trio safe and sound and moving on to their next adventure, leaving the reader wanting more.

    The goal here is to present the basic tenets of the “Robby Beyond” series, and tantalize the future possibilities, but deliver just enough satisfaction in the events to let it feel like like a nice little sci-fi vignette that stands alone in an anthology setting.

  • victord2

    April 14, 2020 at 1:42 am
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    Multi-dimensional Invasion Force meets Immovable Object
    Apex Prime vs the Bad Guys of Marvel & DC Comics (analogues) 😀

    Springboard #1 – “Earth’s Greatest”
    Coincidence collides when a collection of criminals and conquerors, from two SEPARATE universes, decide to invade the Vantage:Inhouse Universe…on the same day. At the same time. Two armies, both alike in infamy, suddenly appear — daring to wreak havoc of untold proportions, first find themselves at odds, until their momentary match up draws the attention of this universe’s greatest hero — Apex Prime.

    Facing off against their combined legion, he outwits, outmatches, and simply knocks out every opponent. The first wave — The Brutes, powerhouses in their own right, but unsophisticated and easily broken down. The second — The Shooters, highly tactical that recognize the best means of fighting may NOT be head on. But their strategy is short-lived against Prime’s power. Thinning the numbers substantially, next we have The Energy Wielders, elemental despots who finally have the means to tip the battle in their favor…if only they understood the foundations of teamwork. And last, The Masterminds, the most dangerous group of all — having weighed and measured the magnitude of Prime’s abilities, one familiar with the likes his scope, turns on the others in a brilliant flash of devastating power. Alone, he stands, the final competitor…but he doesn’t fight. He extends a curtsey, and vacates back to his dimension, leaving the others behind.

  • rickestrick

    April 14, 2020 at 7:20 am
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    STORY TITLE: Save State
    CHARACTERS: Sy Sack, unnamed antagonist.

    STORY IDEA/SPRINGBOARD: Each time Sy Sack wakes-up it is in a new and different situation. Sometimes he’s scaling a mountain, other times he’s an astronaut on a spacewalk, and still more times he’s facing down certain death at the hands of masked soldiers or monsters. Sy never worries about any of this because wherever he finds himself, he feels as if he’s always been on the path that led him there.

    Over the course of the 8 page story Sy will realize that the actions that lead him to these often preposterous situations are not his own. For lack of a better term, he is a character in a video game and each time he wakes up the player is pulling up their most recent saved state of the game that Sy is in.

    The player will never be seen, though the reader will share their perspective. Halfway through the story there will be a glitch and Sy will realize what is going on. He will begin to remember what came before and, more importantly, that the decisions he makes are not his own even if he sometimes thinks that they are.

    The name Sy Sack should evoke “sad sack,” because he can’t seem to win but the glitch occurs in a play-through where Sy has fallen in love. Another character he interacted with had settled down with him. The player didn’t think this was the most entertaining route and, when the game started again, Sy was doing something else with no memory of the relationship having ended, his beloved just wasn’t there anymore.

    Sy realizes that the only way to break the cycle, to not risk going through that hardship again is to make the game undesirable for the player. He begins to jump off of buildings, hurt himself, and constantly risk, or endure, death. Sy is now playing a game of his own with the goal being nonexistence. This seems as if it would be a dour premise but it will be played for laughs. Visual gags of an avatar constantly having the worst turn of their digital career.

    The last page reveals that Sy has accomplished what he wanted and the new lives stop coming as frequently. The player believes that something is wrong and isn’t playing as much but by this point Sy is an auto-pilot and he immediately does whatever the version of crash-and-burn is for the scenario he finds himself in.

    The reveal will come when the player boots up the game from the last time it worked properly, which was when Sy was happily in a relationship with someone. Sy will realize what has happened too late, ruining the game just as he sees his beloved once again. The final panel is Sy’s realization that he almost had another chance at happiness as the player shuts the game off for good.

  • jarrod-elvin

    April 14, 2020 at 9:53 am
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    Hi everyone, here is my story idea. I think it needs some work, but this is the basic gist because I was falling behind with the challenge. It features my original comic characters I use in my pinup art. I will write the story and create the comic artwork.

    MickMacks’ Meatbucket MegaBabes
    Fidget, Chemi, Dot, Fem Fatale, Vanessa, Daemiana and Scythe vs cosmic horror monsters.

    Springboard: ‘The Virus Dimension’
    The ‘Meatbucket MegaBabes’ are a group of female cartoon pinup models/interdimensional mercaneries/saleswomen. Travelling through different galaxies and dimensions in their giant spaceship, they are collecting information on the latest issue dominating galactic news;
    A virus has taken over the galaxy, planet by planet. It causes it’s sufferers to mutate and meld together into grotesque Lovecraftian entities.
    Interplanetary travel has been outlawed to prevent the spread of this contagion, which its origins are unknown. Everyone is forced, by law, to stay in their homes. The MegaBabes’ AI intelligence suggests that the virus is of interdimensional origin.

    In their interdimensional spaceship, the MegaBabes travel to the dimension, between spaces of reality, where they believe the virus was spawned. Marvelling at the grotesque beauty of the Virus Dimension, Fidget picks a pretty flower that she has never seen before. Just by being in the Virus Dimension, they each begin to show the effects of the virus, and start to mutate.

    Ultimately, they find the source of the virus before it is too late, onto which they unleash heavy firepower. They discover that they can’t vanquish the source of the virus, but they can stop it from leaking out of its own dimension and into ours. They seal the interdimensional gap and escape from the Virus Dimension.

    Once out of the Virus Dimension, the MegaBabes begin to change back into their original forms. The AI intelligence reports that everyone who was affect by the virus is now clear as well.
    In the safety of their spaceship, Fidget emerges with a bulbous head, evidently the effects of a new virus brought on by the flower she picked and brought back. The rest of the MegaBabes shout at her in anger as their own heads swell up.

  • skograv

    April 14, 2020 at 3:05 pm
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    Working title: Streetball
    A boy (early teens) from the country side is spending the summer living with his cousin in the big city. Their only interest in common is basketball, so with a friend they head out to shoot some hoops. What meets them is the intense rough streetball community, a group of older kids challenge them to play for rights to use the hoop, and beats them by dirty play. Tempted to give up and spend the summer inside playing video games, the boys walk by an old half broken hoop in a back alley. They decide to fix it up themselves. With the guidance of an old man yelling at them from his window, they have a place to n develop their skills and truly enjoy the summer.

  • teamwood

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    Posted in the wrong section. Let me try this again.

    Concept: An inmate at a maximum prison facility for super villains, is blackmailed into robbing a rival gang.

    Story Idea:
    Ultra Max
    Lee Franklin vs Bug-Eyes

    Double Turn
    Lee Franklin’s cellmate is missing. When a goon comes with a message for Lee to meet with the kingpin, it’s clear where the cellmate is gone. Lee goes to the kingpin’s cell. Lee finds out if he wants to see his cellmate again, Lee will go to visitation and steal a drug drop from a rival gang.

    As Lee sits down at visitation, Lee is met by his contact. The contact slides over a packet with pictures of Lee’s kids for further motivation. Turns out the rival gangs drug mule is former superhero, Bug-Eyes. As Bug-Eyes gets up to go into the restroom, Lee follows closely behind. Bug-Eyes ducks into a bathroom stall to do his drug mule business. Lee busts the stall door open hoping for an easy pick. Instead he finds Bug-Eyes in full costume and Bug-Eyes power dampening collar removed.

    A brawl breaks out between the two. This was set up by Bug-Eyes. He was never the gang’s mule, but in actuality the master of his former super villain rivals. Bug-Eyes intends to kill Lee and his cellmate, as they were the ones who killed Bug-Eyes vigilante friend on the outside of prison. Bug-Eyes blasts Lee out of the restroom.In the frantic rushing of loved ones and fellow inmates, Lee finds a smuggled pen. Lee trick-shots the pen into the wings of Bug-Eyes. Causing Bug-Eyes to crash down long enough for guards to subdue him.

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