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  • mikedoestheart

    May 17, 2020 at 9:35 am

    Hey Everyone!

    Throwing my hat in the ring here with my concepts for Kris Burgos’ ‘Teddies’story. I had several productive conversations regarding his story and took the opportunity to render some of the characters from his first ‘Teddies’ story to get familiar with the aesthetic.

    The first concept sheet includes Alexander, the Teddy that went missing while protecting his master, Eric(3rd concept page) from monsters. I wanted to make sure there was clear distinction between him and the Mikey, his son and (reluctant)hero. Chucklez, Mikey’s first fight in this story, is a Teddy with a psychotic streak. Background information detailed his character coming from Vietnam, so I took some liberties in trying to find an accessory for him. We ultimately decided on dog tags which i’ll be including in the story overall. The 2nd page was my shot at the aesthetic of Nightmare World, where Kris’ story will take place. I took this as an opportunity to confirm that I was comfortable with some of the shapes of the tents and some of the tones of how nightmare world will affect things. I can’t wait to draw the carnival in this story! The 3rd page includes my take on Eric, the boy who needs protecting, as well as a few killer clowns. I feel like I definitely missed the mark on the clowns while trying to be super creative. I’m going to continue with a final design for Chucklez as well as the clowns and Mikey’s weapon(the sword was a placeholder) before feeling comfortable with starting layouts.