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    May 13, 2020 at 9:44 am
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    Trying to catch up in a hurry here… plot breakdown for Teddies, which I retitled to Horrorbook: A Teddy Adventure a while back…

    Page 1 – Mikey feeds Eric berries and berates the boy for following him into a world of nightmares. ”I’m not a guardian, I’m not going to watch over you”

    Page 2 – Chucklez watches from the bushes, Mikey storms off, Eric is left alone and cries

    Page 3 – Chucklez approaches Eric, Eric tells his story about no one loving him, being stuck with his 3rd foster family and now even a stupid doll doesn’t even want him, Chucklez consoles him while holding a meat cleaver behind his back, “I’ll be your friend”

    Page 4 – Mikey, talking to himself and reliving the disappointment of the community, thinks about how Alexander (his idol and father figure) would feel with the way he treated Eric, feeling ashamed at his temper, he turns around to find the boy is gone, but then hears the boy scream

    Page 5 – Following the scream, Mikey is led to a nightmare amusement park. He sees Eric tied up to a bullseye board next to spinning teacups and Chucklez is in the teacups throwing knives at the boy while blindfolded while explaining the horrors he (saw soldiers) endured in the Vietnam War

    Page 6 – Killer clowns with razor teeth attack Mikey, wielding acid spitting water guns, the type for those games at an amusement park, Mikey runs for cover completely frightened “why is this happening to me? I gave this all up”

    Page 7 – Thinking about what Alexander would do, Mikey builds the courage to fight and grabs a strength test mallet and beats up on the clowns, and then runs up on Chucklez, dodging a flurry of knives and cleavers being thrown at him and kills the power to the teacups

    Page 8 – Mikey knocks out Chucklez with the mallet and rescues Eric, apologizes to him for his attitude and when Eric apologizes for putting himself in danger, Mikey accepts to watch his back while they’re in Nightmare “but it don’t mean I’m your guardian”