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  • krisburgos

    May 13, 2020 at 9:35 am

    So, I replied to @mikedoestheart’s call for a writer, and will be doing a second story with him as the artist. For this one we’ll be using characters of mine from my book Teddies. Here’s the concept…

    This is NOT a kids book. This is a Horrorbook.

    A young boy named Eric is resting peacefully in his bed at night, reading a book in solitude when a monster creeps out from under his bed and attacks. Eric’s stuffed teddy bear, Alexander, springs to life and seemingly slays the beast, much to the astonishment of Eric, but then gets snatched up and dragged under the bed. Mikey, another of Eric’s stuffed bears, is forced against his will by the town’s stuffed teddy bear community to go into the world under the boy’s bed and rescue Alexander. Unknown to Mikey, when he steps through the threshold in the world of Nightmare, he’s followed by a curious boy.

    This is where our story begins.

    On the edge of a small town one would imagine was built by Tim Burton, Mikey picks some disgusting looking berries from a bush and after inspecting them, he hands the berries to Eric. The boy asks why he has to eat them, and Mikey barks at him, that he shouldn’t have followed him and to eat what he can get. They’ve been together for a few hours and nothing but frustration at the boy and his assigned quest are coming out of Mikey.

    Unknown to the duo, they are being watched by another stuffed teddy from the shadows. Chucklez is a teddy who has been stranded in Nightmare for many years… since the 60’s. He was a bear lost to a child in the war in Vietnam and found his way to Nightmare after seeing the horrors of war. Festering in the mysterious dark energy that bleeds throughout the land bringing fears to life, Chucklez has had years marinating in PTSD from his memories of the war and has become a psychotic menace to everything in Nightmare.

    When Mikey storms off, stranding Eric, Chucklez steps in and offers the boy some help. Trying to remain calm, Mikey returns in time to see Chucklez manipulating the boy to follow him, but when he calls out to stop Eric from following the shady character, before the boy can react, Chucklez drags him off.

    As Mikey follows, he loses them in a horrific amusement park. Searching the park that no parent in their right mind would allow their children to visit, Mikey hears Eric’s screams as the boy is tied to a bullseye board, next to a ride similar to spinning teacups. With the ride in motion, Chucklez sits blindfolded in a spinning teacup, throwing knives at a helpless and immobile Eric. Grabbing a mallet from a strength test, Mikey fights through a gauntlet of throwing knives, acid shooting guns and shark-toothed clowns to interrupt the ride by disabling the power and knocking Chucklez out in the process. Eric apologizes for following Mikey and Mikey promises to protect him while they are in Nightmare, one step closer to becoming the full-blown guardian all Teddies are supposed to be of their owners.