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    May 11, 2020 at 8:00 pm
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    EDIT: Uh. I accidentally hit “Reply” to a post, meant to just post a new reply, now it’s being threaded and I can’t delete my original post. :facepalm: apologies for the confusions.

    @Evan — Great designs, I especially love the Lurker designs. Really looking good there.
    @Jarrod – Really dig those lines and colors! What do you use for coloring? I can’t tell if it’s traditional or digital…


    Closer to done this weekend.

    It’s going to be a high fantasy concept I’ve been playing around with this character, a Cleric for the God of Luck, named Bron. He has no holy powers to speak of, except chance; it’s a world dominated by prophesy and fate, his presence introduces an unknown quantity in events. He represents fate disrupted, and so his adventures are following opportunity and chance where they lead. The Baron and Monks are the characters in the summary / outline from other posts (to avoid spamming all the threads).

    I think next steps would be to finalize the two environments (monastery and the ship) and then start scripting and thumb nailing in tandem.

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