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    May 8, 2020 at 10:05 pm
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    Characters for “Camriddeon and the Leighman Lurkers” written by @jholder12

    I included the character descriptions as well to have everything in one place.

    Character Descriptions:

    CAMRIDDEON – The main character. Camriddeon is best described as a redheaded Merlin. Camriddeon is shown in four different stages of his life. As a young boy of twelve, a man in his twenties, his forties, and finally in old age. For most of his life he is bearded. He prefers clothes that allow movement, shorter sleeves and pants while still carrying some aspect of robes. and carries a wooden staff at all times. He tries to find good humor, because there is much pain around him. After he separates from SHADOW, he no longer casts his own.

    PALL – A young boy. Let’s switch it up, make him nonwhite. About ten years old. Dressed in decent enough clothes without being extravagant.

    THE REAL LEIGHMAN LURKER – A small quadruped creature. An ugly mixture of fur and ghost, with big mournful eyes and humanlike arms. Probably a mixture of ferret, dog, and person.r

    FAKE LEIGHMAN LURKER – A monstrous winged beast. Think a small dragon crossed with a vulture, always shrouded in shadow. Scales and a wicked tail, claws, but with a harsh beak.