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  • zach

    May 7, 2020 at 7:16 pm
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    I am late! I only found out about this last week but I’m hoping catching up is ok! I’ll be writing and drawing this comic, and collaborating with the amazing Maja (not sure what her forum name is, sorry Maja!).

    It’s going to be a high fantasy concept I’ve been playing around with this character, a Cleric for the God of Luck, named Bron. He has no holy powers to speak of, except chance; it’s a world dominated by prophesy and fate, his presence introduces an unknown quantity in events. He represents fate disrupted, and so his adventures are following opportunity and chance where they lead.

    He’s compelled to follow where chance leads him (in the form of a pendant on his neck that works like a Magic 8 Ball, Yes, No, Go/Stay type answers only). It opens on a ship’s voyage to a forbidden monastery he was compelled to go to because of an unfortunate roll of his pendant. He was asked by a mad baron, compelled to return to the monastery to repay his debts to the Dread Clergy there. On page 5 he reveals his gambit; that the presence of Bron alters the foregone conclusions of the altercation between the Mad Baron and the Dread Clergy, where Bron, instead of the Baron, is submitted as The Sacrifice to fulfill his debt. The foregone outcome of the Mad Baron dying as sacrifice is usurped by chance, and the Baron, the Monks, and the entire Monastery is burned down instead.