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  • krisburgos

    May 6, 2020 at 11:27 pm
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    @gaston @andresbriano
    That’s some killer art, it has a really tough attitude. It looks like a super serious and very badass cast of characters from Warcraft with a smack of Heavy Metal magic. Knowing how the story ends, I’m seeing that the serious tone of the comic is going to make twist at the end even more funny.

    @gdawkins2 @philipspace
    Digging the first look at the 2 leads. They both have a fun urban superhero/villain vibe with a simple and utilitarian getup. I could totally see them as 2 random normal people in a crowd just bursting out into a superfight in public and not having to run to a phonebooth or batcave to get into their gear first, which I find very appealing.