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  • philipspace

    April 4, 2022 at 10:37 pm
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    I feel like Deathlok deserves some love. Maybe he’s not that obscure, as he has had a film representation (in the SHIELD series), but I dig the concept. Deaths Head II would be another one that would be fun to play around with or see reincorporated.

    It seems like the mainstay publishers really could stand to take some chances with new or even quirky characters, and if they don’t work out– move on. Go 5 issues and try something else if you don’t hit your sales goal. That kind of thing. You might find a hit, you might not, but you build your universe that way.

    Right now I feel like the emphasis these last few years has been on pushing less-known characters (regardless of appeal or sales potential) and sticking with them, come what may. Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl seem to keep getting try after try, for instance, and they just don’t seem to be connecting with people.

    With the resources that the Big Two have, I wonder if the expectation is that anything can be turned into a hit, given proper marketing? Not everything’s going to be a winner, and of course that doesn’t mean that you aren’t on to something. Back in the 60’s the Hulk got cancelled after, what, an initial 5 issue run? Lee and Kirby just kept bringing him back in other books, and he kind of grew on everybody.