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  • philipspace

    March 15, 2022 at 9:18 pm
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    I like this. Great expressions, really sets the scene.

    What I would suggest at this point, because I do see your work improving with each new illustration, is working on under-structure for your construction.

    Basically building up your forms and skeletons a bit more as you’re creating your scenes. If you look at Art Adams ( ) on Instagram, you’ll see that he does this in blue-line pencil, other artists (Adam Hughes for example (317) Adam Hughes – Anatomy of a sketch, Pt1 – The Idea – YouTube ) will create their stick figures in a regular or hard-lead (2H or 4H) pencil and then use a kneaded eraser to knock down the lines to where they are barely visible, and then start going over with a softer lead or even ink.

    I think if you start incorporating this into your process more, you’ll start to see the results pretty quickly, and I suspect you will like what you see.