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  • philipspace

    February 28, 2022 at 7:11 pm
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    Portfolio reviews can be tough, but they are incredibly helpful– if you pay attention. You really have to check your ego at the door though, and keep in mind that the person reviewing your work is actually trying to help you, too. Most people would never want to be the person who crushed somebody’s hopes and dreams, but it also doesn’t do anyone any service to give polite compliments when an artist or writer isn’t really ready for professional work, either.

    If I were to provide advice, I would also suggest to any aspiring artist to not be too narrow in their focus. Many of the most successful artists in the industry broke in as inkers, colorists or letterers, and the more you know how to do the more likely you’ll find opportunities for work, and the more you’ll be able to accomplish on your own books too. Likewise, learning how to work in mediums outside of comics can only help you improve as a creator.