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    Hi all! Pardon the delay on this. I’m working on a parallel 8 page comic as well at this time, and some illustrations for a website. Just know I’ve had these characters kicking around in my head for 20+ years! here are some basic characters descriptions I typed up, based on old notes. This will continue to evolve. As I said in my initial post, I see “Robby Beyond” as an episodic series, ultimately, but in my 8 page story you will quickly learn just what our three main characters are all about in their essence. There will also be a fourth, sort of generic “baddie” race of beings that I’m still developing for the purpose of this 8 pager. I think they will have some sort of reptilian characteristics. They will be creepy looking, and obviously the malevolent captors of the story, but mostly incidental characters.

    Character Descriptions

    Robby [Granger]:
    Approximately 5’ 8”, 150lbs. Human. Midwest? Northeast?

    Robby is a 15-16 year old sophomore in high school. He is very intelligent, a loner, a misfit. Intellectual and somewhat misanthropic. Sardonic sense of humor, with a glimmer of optimism that peeks through at times. He has few friends, if any and gets picked on by some, though cautiously respected by many. Somewhat troubled family life re: parents fighting. A younger sister? Or an only child?

    He loves Bob Dylan. Loves old folk music, early jazz, blues, old country. A little bit of punk and metal here and there. Loves to read. Maybe he enjoys escapist sci-fi and fantasy? Or is it the opposite? He prefers more down to Earth, realistic fiction? He has an interest in the esoteric and the occult. He loves the outdoors and the peace and quiet of the wilderness. The splendor of Nature. He writes in a journal and enjoys drawing natural things that he encounters.

    Bi-Do Malfofa
    Approximately 7’ 6” – 8’ tall, 375-500+ lbs. Malfofa is the name of his race. They are a warrior clan, highly honorable, and though very intelligent and efficient, tend to veer away from the use of technology, favoring a more naturalistic, simple, approach to life.

    Bi-Do is a hulking, bestial brute with a majestic sense of pride. Feline in some ways. He is gruff and short-tempered. Quick to violence; but has a kind and noble, empathetic heart deep down.

    Bi-Do claims to have been appointed by his clan to seek out a mystical artifact of some sort which he believes will help his clansmen from some sort of affliction they face (Perhaps reproductive difficulties due to a changing atmosphere or pollutants they haven’t been able to identify). This is a very important mission and he holds great pride in being appointed to it. He takes this very seriously. Malfofas are a small, tight-knit, somewhat nomadic warrior race who are steeped in honor and tradition, Brash, belligerent, isolationist. They are omnivorous and somewhat agrarian despite their hunter/killer aspect. More Native American in their relationship to the land than anything. They will travel as needed to adapt and to cycle their use of the land.

    What we don’t know at first is that Bi-Do is hiding a secret from Robby and Skizazz. The full truth of his mission is yet to be revealed.

    He wears gloves, which his tribe normally does not, and we eventually old learn why this is the case, as the series progresses.

    Skizazz of Bleekreeg
    Approximately 6’ 5” – 6’ 8” tall, <100lbs
    Nation/Planet: Bleekreeg. Bleekreegian.

    Skizazz is tall, waif-like, spindly, very flexible. He is even able to elongate and compress his body to some slight degree. He is timid and skittish. He has a somewhat limited emotional spectrum it would seem. A bit “clueless” but very lovable (C3PO). He is very loyal to those he sees a friendly or who protect him. Is this self-preservation or true altruism. There is an ethereal quality to his presence. He possesses psionic capabilities including telepathy, translation, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, etc.

    Skizazz has crash-landed in this part of the world. Is he from off-planet or just another part of this very large planet? He claims to be on a mission.

    The Bleekreegians are a scientific race, highly evolved, but very curious and willing to exploit who they perceive to be less intelligent beings to their advantage. One might consider them greedy in many ways. They love to expand and improve and evolve both scientifically, technologically and psionically, but sometimes at the expanse of their own spirituality/heart/soul. They are definitely very curious beings.

    The Trio (Robby, Bi-Do, Skizazz)
    The three become very close friends as the series progresses. Eventually what we come to understand is the three all feel that they are outcasts of some kind, and have something to prove, as well as have a genuine common goal in mind (think Dorothy and crew having to find the Wizard of Oz for various reasons).

    Robby wants to get home. 

    Bi-Do seeks an artifact which he feels will save his race (redeem his honor)

    Skizazz seeks a way to fix his craft and succeed in his scientific mission.