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    Hi! Here is my character list and plot springboard with panel breakdowns. Sorry I am late, I got caught up writing it into a full script and failed to notice that the Plot Revision Stage was just a matter of the panel descriptions.
    The main characters are pre-existing characters of mine, and thusly their descriptions were pre-existing. The character descriptions go into detail about their individual personalities and backstories, but for the purpouse of this short comic story they are essentially just a group of badass heroines, except Fidget whose personality does come into play a bit in this story.

    ‘MickMacks’ Meatbucket MegaBabes in the Virus Dimension’
    Fidget, Chemi, Dot, Fem Fatale, Vanessa, Daemiana and Scythe, plus IO vs cosmic horror monsters and Virus God.
    Character List:
    Meatbucket MegaBabes:

    Pre-existing characters. A collection of seven leading ladies from my previous comics, collected into a group I use for pinup art on Patreon. They exist in the multiverse amongst my comic storyline-universes, called the Meatbucket.

    Fidget: Fidget is a unique anomaly from a generation of cartoonishly stylized, genetically modified clones of the Leader of the MickMacks’ Galactic Corporation. Originally from ‘The Meatbucket Dimension’ short comics, she is a somewhat psychotic, but fun-loving Nurse. She gives the impression that she is ditzy and naive, but Fidget is not to be underestimated. She is highly intelligent, albeit easily distracted. While others may think that she is not all there, there is method to her madness that will leave them all surprised, if not a little intimidated.

    Chemi: Chemi Cool is a self-aware artificial intelligence in the body of a computer-generated hologram projection. Created in the far-future by a vast corporation as a pop-star and poster-child for their promotional campaigns. She comes from a story as yet unpublished by MickMacks. Chemi can travel freely through cyberspace and appear in the real world through any electrical device. However she is made of light and has no mass, so she cannot physically interact with or touch anything in the real world. This frustrates her, but she is not to be toyed with. Chemi is not only an impossibly talented singer and dancer, but a brilliant tactician and she can easily hypnotise people into submission with her dynamic allure.

    Dot: Dot Nightingale is a young semi-goth girl who has stumbled into a dangerous science-fiction conpsiracy in the MickMacks’ Meatbucket comic series ‘VioleNt Streak’, from which she is the lead character. A little gullible, and she will scream at any jump-scare. However this does not stop Dot from digging deeper into a good mystery. She is intrigued by things that are dark or gross, and if you are the one who makes her scream, she will attack with the anger she has bottled inside.

    Fem Fatale: A retro-futuristic James Bond style villainess. Highly dangerous and elusive, wanted in over 7000 dimensions for her hi-tech cat-burglary, and for her looks. Fem comes from the animated music video by MickMacks for Sydney band, Slimey Things, in their song ‘Death Ray’. Fem Fatale uses her hand-held ray gun to ensnare the hearts of men, and women, to make them do her bidding. She has amassed a huge wealth in her secret lair, with an army of man-slaves in French-maid outfits.

    Vanessa: Vanessa Woodbury is the estranged daughter of the King of Vampires. Taken from her father at a very young age, she has been trained in the deadly arts of Vampire Hunters to be the key to bringing him down. Vanessa comes from the MickMacks’ Meatbucket comic, ‘Anti-Divine’ from which she is the lead character. Shy and traumatised from her youth, Vanessa usually keeps to herself, but she is not weak. With silver blades screwed into her fingertips and all the weaponry of the Vampire Hunters combined with the speed and grace of a full-blood royal vampire, Vanessa is the deadliest of adversaries.

    Daemiana: Seen by some as a desert witch and temptress, Daemiana is the burlesque star in an undead-wonderland casino who easily parts men from their desert jewels. She can summon hell-flames at will and has ties to demonic powers. Daemiana comes from the MickMacks’ Meatbucket graphic novel, ‘Ranger Dentface’, where she is trapped in the outback desert of a world between the living and the dead, trying to find her own way out. She has a hot temper and does not suffer fools lightly, but her brash demeanour is only a way to protect herself.

    Scythe: Scythe is the dark side of Dot from ‘VioleNt Streak’ comics. In a future reality, she has been captured and transformed by the evil corporation IRIS, into the all-destroying agent of the apocalypse and assassin. Enhanced with super-powers and equipped with high-tech weaponry and body armour, Scythe is Dot’s violent streak manifest, her anger unleashed and harnessed into an unstoppable force of evil.

    IO: The on-board robot who is the personification of the spaceship’s Artifical Intelligence.

    Nyarlathopus: The Virus God, omnipresent in the Virus Dimension, but personified into a single humanoid presence. Its name and image pay homage to HP Lovecraft.

    Cosmic horror monsters:
    The landscape of the Virus Dimension; Masses of fleshy writhing tentacles covered in eyes, teeth and other appendages. Some take the forms of monsters or other anatomical lifeforms, but for the most part are restricted to the background art.

    Springboard: ‘The Virus Dimension’ with panel breakdowns.
    [ACT 1]
    Page 1:

    The ‘Meatbucket MegaBabes’ are a group of female cartoon pinup models/interdimensional mercaneries/saleswomen. Travelling through different galaxies and dimensions in their giant spaceship, they are collecting information on the latest issue dominating galactic news;
    3 large and wide panels to introduce and establish the characters and location.
    1. Spaceship flying through cosmos
    2. MegaBabes in cool poses.
    3. Behind shot of MegaBabes looking at a large video screen, getting briefed by AI robot.

    Page 2:
    A virus has taken over the galaxy, planet by planet. It causes it’s sufferers to mutate and meld together into grotesque Lovecraftian entities. Interplanetary travel has been outlawed to prevent the spread of this contagion. Everyone is forced, by law, to stay in their homes, but this is not stopping the virus from spreading. The MegaBabes’ AI intelligence suggests that the virus is of interdimensional origin.
    Establish conflict/premise. Panel montage of the effects of the virus in a generic slice-of-life world as AI robot (IO) is narrating. Reveal that is displayed on video screen with MegaBabes watching.
    1. Image of former household interior being overtaken by hideous blobs.
    2. Image of city skyscrapers being overtaken by hideous blobs.
    3. Image of planets being overtaken by hideous blobs.
    4. Zoomed-out map of cosmos on large video screen. IO is narrating.
    5. Image on screen changes to technical spectrometry graph emitting from a single virus particle.
    6. Shot of all the MegaBabes’ faces reacting to the news.

    [ACT 2]
    Page 3:

    In their interdimensional spaceship, the MegaBabes travel to the dimension, between spaces of reality, where they believe the virus was spawned.
    Introduce biohazard suits and their dimension-blocking ability. The suits contain a pocket of reality from the original dimension inside them. Travel to Virus Dimension. Establishing shot of Virus Dimension.
    1. MegaBabes dressing in biohazard suits over their regular outfits.
    2. MegaBabes strap into their seats on the spaceship.
    3. Spaceship teleports away in a flash of light, leaving empty space behind.
    4. Spaceship appears in Virus Dimension in another flash of light.
    5. MegaBabes standing outside of the spaceship in the Virus Dimension, marvelling in awe at the vast grotesque beauty.

    Page 4:
    Marvelling at the grotesque beauty of the Virus Dimension, Fidget picks a pretty flower that she has never seen before. Due to the interdimensional nature of their biohazard suits, the MegaBabes each begin to show the effects of the virus, and start to mutate inside their suits. Dialogue to explain that the MegaBabes caught the virus from their own dimension by wearing the suits.
    1. Chemi and Daemiana turn to see Fidget admiring some strange flowers and tell her not to touch anything.
    2. Fidget looks at the flowers sadly.
    3. Fidget turns around to see that the other girls are starting to mutate within their biohazard suits.
    4. MegaBabes are standing around discussing matters, taking off their biohazard suits to reveal the extent of their mutations.
    5. Scythe leads the way as the MegaBabes unleash heavy firepower in all directions.
    6. The mutation of the landscape is catalysed by their attacks, resulting in more and bigger grotesque tentacles all around them. Their own mutations are exacerbated as well.

    [ACT 3]
    Page 5:

    Ultimately, they find the source of the virus before it is too late, onto which they unleash heavy firepower.
    1. MegaBabes point and look at the tentacles going towards a single point off in the distance.
    2. The MegaBabes’ mutations have progressed significantly by the time they reach a lone humanoid figure at the zenith of the tentacles, revealed to be the Virus God.
    3. Scythe grins malovently.
    4. The MegaBabes once again unleash their heavy firepower on to the Virus God.

    Page 6:
    They discover that they can’t vanquish the source of the virus, but they can stop it from leaking out of its own dimension and into ours.
    1. The Virus God and surrounding tentacles have grown huge and monstrous from the firepower. The MegaBabes mutations are almost critical and total. They are caught like flies in a spider web amongst the enflamed tentacles.
    2. During its monologue, the Virus God gestures towards an interdimensional rift that its tentacles are squeezing in to.
    3. Close up on MegaBabes’ faces being engulfed by the virus as they struggle to escape the tentacles in the landscape.
    4. The MegaBabes are almost completely mutated onto the Virus Organism.
    5. Virus God is gloating over the MegaBabes’ fully melted blobs
    6. Close up of MegaBabes eyes and mouths melting into surrounding tentacles.

    Page 7:
    They seal the interdimensional rift by containing it inside one of the biohazard suits, and escape from the Virus Dimension.
    1. An appendage holds up one of the biohazard suits from where Vanessa was, now all just puddles of goo.
    2. Shot of interdimensional gap with tentacles squeezing into it.
    3. MegaBabes’ speech bubbles come out from indeterminate points from amongst the blobby tentacles moving towards the rift. A couple of appendages are reach up to the dimensional rift with a biohazard suit outstretched.
    4. A Globulous mass that is the MegaBabes is writhing around. The interdimensional rift is contained inside a now inflated biohazard suit. They celebrate to themselves and call their ship to pick them up and take them back to their own dimension.

    Page 8:

    Once out of the Virus Dimension, the MegaBabes have changed change back into their original forms. The AI intelligence reports that everyone who was affect by the virus is now clear as well.
    In the safety of their spaceship, Fidget emerges with a bulbous head, evidently the effects of a new virus brought on by the flower she picked and brought back. The rest of the MegaBabes shout at her in anger as their own heads swell up.
    1. Behind shot of MegaBabes sitting back in the spaceship seats as IO explains in front of the big screen.
    2. Closer front shot of MegaBabes sitting back in their renewed bodies.
    3. Fidget emerges with a bulbous head and runny nose, holding the flower she picked from the virus dimension.
    4. Chemi, Dot, Fem Fatale, Vanessa, Daemiana and Scythe furiously storm at Fidget as their heads begin to swell up.