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  • thesurrealari

    May 2, 2020 at 8:47 am
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    Thank you @mywritinghero. My intent was to hint at the rain with the darkening skies I mentioned in the page 3 description, but perhaps the foreshadowing isn’t strong enough. Maybe I should add a drop or two to emphasize it. I like your suggestion about page 4 as well, and I am leaning toward going with the full page with the two or three insets. Looking at it again, I am more worried about loaing the effect of the rain joke if that is confined to an inset, but I’ll have to see where it goes in the scripting.

    In terms of the last page, I think you are correct that the split perspective doesn’t fit with the rest of the narrative and that a POV shift that late in the story might be jarring. TBH, I was just throwing ideas out there. At this point in the process I’m usually scripting, but I am committed to following the project steps as delineated in the schedule, so I threw a couple of things in to see if they might work. The parallel perspective idea was one I am using in another comics story which I’m currently writing. The idea interests me, especially as it takes advantage of the visual nature of the comics medium, but after reading your comments, and thinking about it some more, I am going to scrap it for this story. I think I can accomplish what I need with a different device. If I want to show him rushing, for example, I can do it through his super senses overhearing things that are going on off panel.

    Thank you again for your feedback (and for your discussion of Barthleme in the other thread.