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    May 1, 2020 at 2:11 am
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    Worlds’ Greatest

    Plot Breakdown:
    PAGE ONE: The would be monotonous day of a sprawling metropolis is interrupted by the sparks of an interdimensional incursion.

    PAGE TWO & THREE: Two factions of malevolent force, the coincidence of their arrival causing an immediate brawl to erupt. It’s only with the arrival of APEX PRIME (The Trouble w/Love), this world’s GREATEST hero, that the violence pauses.

    PAGE FOUR: They attack him; bounding over and through one another to get a crack at the caped hero. PHENOM (Juggernaut – large muscles, armored with unique head covering), get’s dealt with first, leveled with a single blow that catapults him like a battering ram flattening the others.

    PAGE FIVE: Armed assassins, DEADSPORT (Deathstroke – athletic, with tactical mercenary armor), ON-POINT (Bullseye – slender framed hitman, wearing monochrome one-piece under a trench coat), KILL BOX (Deadpool – slender, but maniacal killer, wearing a full mask and LOTS of pouches) open fire! But their barrage of bullets miss their mark as Prime ignites with superspeed. He races towards them, then abruptly stops, using the ensuing sonic boom to incapacitate them all.

    PAGE SIX: Arcs of various, violent energies strike Prime, stunning him, as TERRO (Sinestro – frail humanoid alien, with energetic power glove), LODESTONE (Magneto – older, flowing jacket looks like a regal cape), MANIFOLD (Amazon – large humanoid robot, looks like an unfinished prototype), and MAL (Ultron – eerie faced, metallic android), join the fray. Prime responds unleashing a BLAZER VISION blast that engulfs the area in red.

    PAGE SEVEN: With the energy wielders now defeated behind him, Prime turns to face the last wave of baddies — the Masterminds, who expertly waited to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of our hero. Their number, SIR QUIETUS (Dr. Doom — hooded and caped, overlord), EXEC (Lex Luthor – robust power suit, armed and teeming with power), CULL (Apocalypse — bright color skin, also in an advanced power suit), ETHOS (Black Adam — mythically imbue demigod), BLACKSIDE (Darkseid — large, ultimate evil entity), stand together waiting to see which of them will act first.

    PAGE EIGHT: And it’s Blackside, who casually turns on their rank and blasts them all with his UNI-GOD FORCE. He quips about then not being the time for this contest, opens a portal back home and walks through.

    The narration of this story will be from Blackside, who is internally dissecting the skills and power of Apex Prime before determining that he’s too much of a nuisance to battle at this time. I thought it would be a fun voice to play with, especially alluding to the notion that he’s seen power like this before!