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  • toddmatthy

    April 29, 2020 at 6:23 am
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    Here is my revised plot. I’ve included my character descriptions at the top. I’m still looking for an artist. Message or email me at

    Carl “Crusher” Christian- A burly 62 year old veteran professional wrestler. About 6ft. 250 pounds. His body was once muscular but is starting to sag due to age. He wrestles in black trunks.

    “Sleazy” Steve Simmons- A thin but build 38 year old professional wrestler. About 5 ft. 10 in. 210 pounds. He has a muscular body that he oils up and wears thin speedo-like wrestling trunk. He has a thick mustache and curly hair and should give off the vibe of a porn star.


    By Todd Matthy


    Crusher Christian walks into a VFW Hall. He is thinking about how the wrestling business has changed from when he broke in. He thinks about having to eat at different restaurants from his opponents or how if he lost a bar fight he’d be fired. He says today’s generation don’t have respect for the business. Like the man he’s wrestling tonight, Sleazy Steve.


    Crusher thinks about Sleazy Steve and how he’s “exposing” the business with blatantly fake moves like his “pelvusplex.” Crusher says guys like him would be beaten out of the business in his day. “Hey Crusher,” Sleazy Steve calls and asks him to come into a room.

    Crusher sits down at a card table with Steve and the matchmaker. Steve says that while he was angered by Crusher’s comments on Twitter about his pelvusplex, some of his comments were out of line. “In the end it led to this match,” Steve smiles. Crusher sits silently. Steve says that he and the booker have decided that he’ll go over Crusher and take the pelvusplex. Crusher refuses. Steve reminds him that he has a pacemaker which is the reason the CWC is no longer using him. He tells Crusher that he doesn’t want to give him the reputation of being “difficult.” Steve leaves.

    Crusher changing in the locker room, angered by Steve comments. He watches Steve yuck it up with two wrestlers practicing a “social distancing match” where they lock up but never touch. Crusher decides to teach Sleazy Steve a lesson. Crusher steps through the curtain for their match.

    Sleazy Steve and Crusher Christian lock up and trade moves. The referee whispers it’s time for them to “go home” so Steve puts Crusher’s hand in his crotch to set up the pelvusplex. Crusher doesn’t go for it. He crushes Steve’s crotch with his hand. “Time to go to school son…”

    Crusher starts beating up Steve for real by throwing elbows, kicks, and trapping him in a sleeper hold. He lectures Steve about how this is what wrestling was really like back in his day. How he and Bruno wrestled until it was time for the finish. He tells Steve that if he wants to win he has to earn it…by any means necessary. Crusher feels a pain in his chest. He holds it.


    Crusher clotheslines Sleazy Steve but is brought to his knees by chest pain. Sleazy Steve wants to know what’s wrong. Crusher headbutts him and tells him this only ends until he finds a way to pin him. Still, woozy from chest pain, Sleazy Steve seizes the opportunity to roll Crusher into a cradle for the three count.


    Backstage, Crusher is being looked at by paramedics. Sleazy Steve asks why he attacked him and why he kept the match going. Crusher says that’s the business. It’s not about awwing people with moves, it’s about making people believe you’re real. That’s the difference between modern wrestling and old-school wrestling. Crusher tells Sleazy Steve and the entire locker room that if they want to learn the right way and wrestle in arenas, they know where to find him.

    One Week Later: Sleazy Steve shows up at Crusher’s wrestling school. Crusher smiles. “Hope for you yet boy…”