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  • andyseabert

    January 26, 2022 at 8:05 pm
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    In this situation and in my opinion, these “volunteers” are being used as a trained crowd for the halftime show and as such should be at least getting an hourly minimum wage…i.e. extras in a movie or tv show.

    The choreographer’s response sounds mostly like justification and conscience cleansing than anything else. Also, volunteering is something you do to help out a friend, charity, organization, or community. It’s not something you do for Pepsi and the NFL who stand to make ridiculous profits from one night.

    As far as artists being paid, if there’s an intent to make money, an upfront salary offer, profit sharing, or back end pay should be part of the deal/plan.

    If it’s for learning, fun, or the hell of it, there’s plenty of gray space to make choices based on the given situation.

    Again, just my opinion. Cheers. 🙂