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  • philipspace

    January 26, 2022 at 6:59 am
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    A good person to study would be the works of Jack Kirby, if only because so many other artists have copied him. Frequently you would see a lead up in his stories with the first page of a given book setting the stage (the who-what-when-where and why), followed by the all-important 2-page splash. This is extremely impactful.

    Think in terms of “key frames” when pacing out your stories, no more than one per page, but the splash is where your “key frame” is an entire page.

    The question is; what scene or moment do you really want to have an impact? What moment do you really want to stick with the reader from your story? It can’t be the whole book, but it can be a single scene. That’s where you place your splash page.