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  • redheadeded

    January 25, 2022 at 10:09 am
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    Hey @RICHelDIOS

    I second Everything @philipspace said. Digital is cool, if you can afford it, but learning with plain old pencil and paper is cheaper and will help strengthen your core skills. Seriously even crayons and markers is a good place to start. And don’t worry about submitting to Marvel to early on .. keep posting here and working in the community and you will be surprised with the people you can network with, which will get your foot in the door faster than any cold call or blind submission.

    As to tools, I like sketch books first, but I will use any paper as a draft or first pass drawing. I have posted some pictures below of the types of stuff I use, or as my Dad calls it “at least not the walls!”

    Like Philip when I want to digitize I take a picture with my phone and transfer it to my computer via a free cloud file tranfer, like Dropbox, Google Drive or One Note. Here is where I might differ a bit from some others on this forum I have a very high end system because I work in animation as a day job, and invested heavily in the best spec machine (seriously I am VERY lucky). I have a 27″ write on Cintiq 27QHDT. It is HEAVEN. It is not necessary but I love it, maybe a little too much. That is currently hooked up to my iMacPro (purchased new in 2019) and for on the go work I have a 15′ Surface Book 3. .. shit Sorry I didn’t mean to brag, I promise I worked my ass off to paid for this thing.. still do, stupid credit.

    ANYWAY.. program wise I was raised on Marcomedia (bought long ago by Adobe) and I am matrix level plugged into their software practices. I just started using Clip Studio Paint, which is WAY cheaper and I think better over all for comics and digital illustration. And there are a TON of online tutorials on how to use the software for whatever you choose. A lot of people on here can recommend different alt software too, if you need more information, do a quick search of the forums for that sorta thing, or start your own topic to ask more.

    Please keep posting and definetly check out the blog posts too as they have a LOT of info on learning stuff like this. 😉

    Let us know if you have any more questions, looking forward to seeing more! 😉


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