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  • psysci

    April 27, 2020 at 8:27 am

    Here is my character list:

    Cole Daylon – Cole is an artist who works at a coffee shop for money. He is undergoing an existential crisis. He doesn’t want to make art his career because he feels it will cheapen his art, but he receives acclaim for his works. He isn’t sure if it is earned and rather than make him feel more confident, it lessens his faith in humanity. He feels people are responding to who he is and missing the real message in his work.

    Grace (or name unknown, name not mentioned in the 8 pgs) – Not much is known about this mysterious woman who appears in Cole’s dreams but she has comforting presence. She is strong, beautiful and selfless.

    Derwin – Cole’s best friend and co-worker. He admires Cole, almost worships him. Cole treats him like an annoying younger brother. He lacks respect for Derwin (probably because Derwin admires him) but loves him like family. Derwin is always begging Cole to come to social events. If it weren’t for him Cole would stay home to paint or write.

    Cole’s other friends – Not much to know other than they are artsy types, attend social gatherings and are occasionally convinced that Cole is special based upon Derwin’s praise.

    Eleanor – Cole’s older sister. She is a new age believer and an idealist. Her and Cole are similar but Cole is a bit more of a realist. He knows there is more to life than what is apparent but doesn’t pretend to know what that is. Eleanor seems to believe whatever she reads or is taught by her many gurus and ex-lovers. Still she is wise beyond her years and has been a muse to Cole. Eleanor and Cole have distanced themselves from the rest of their family because they are very different. Their father is a lawyer and their mother is a college professor.

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    I have not revised my page breakdown yet. What I posted was already my 2nd draft. I have incorporated much of the initial feedback I have gotten already. I have acquired an artist to work on this and will probably revise it based on his feedback, if any.