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  • glen

    January 19, 2022 at 6:11 am
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    I am Glen Gottilla and I am a writer looking for people to collaborate with others on science fiction, horror or fantasy. I have contributed some Flash Fiction to Comic book Schools Second Anthology, ‘Panel 2’. I wrote a cute little story about a copyright safe knock off of Batboy, a Bigfoot, a clone of the young hot Elvis and the ghost of the tabloid journalist. It is called the “Consequences of Journalism and the Changing Times”
    This year I would like to contribute a short comic to the next anthology so I am looking to work with artists, Inkers, Letterers and Editors. The best way to contact to me is via Twitter, Facebook (I know I am old) and on Comicbook School. I have attached a link to the Anthology so check my everything that is in it.