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  • philipspace

    January 18, 2022 at 6:39 pm
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    There is a lot available out there, most of it will serve your needs just fine. When in doubt, focus on your pen and paper, switching to digital is about as difficult as making a scan or taking a picture with your phone and sending it to your computer or tablet.

    To answer your question; I use an Artisul tablet for comic production, which is sort of like an off-brand Cintiq. That’s connected to my desktop computer. I’ve used it for both of the last two 8-page challenges and it’s worked just fine, so I’d call it a decent investment, but most any tablet will do. For day to day sketching, my wife indulged me for our anniversary last year and picked me up an Ipad Pro with the 2nd generation Apple pencil.

    The program I use on both formats is called Clipstudio Paint (formerly Manga Studio) and is specifically designed for comic production. There are lots of programs available, but if you want to make comics it’s what I’d recommend. It’s used by industry professionals, including Todd McFarlane I gather.

    When in doubt, keep working from your sketchbook, make comics in it, you can transfer them to digital later. There is nothing that a digital setup can do for you that will improve on your core drawing skills, it can only provide you with some additional tools to streamline your process. I strongly urge you to team up with someone for this years 8-page challenge, it will level-up your drawing skills if you complete it.


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