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  • redheadeded

    January 12, 2022 at 5:27 am
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    @kpei137 Thanks for your response!

    I am looking for like a monthly/by-montly type REGULAR mtg. Something I can plan into my schedule when possible. One where the people working on projects can chat see each other (at least digitally) in real time. In order to review the type(s) of work presented each month… like an Art School Critic or a Writers Round Table, and colors and letters so on and so forth..

    I take on a lot here at CBS to get things moving and push for everyone to have opportunities in our community and learn to make comics, I am hoping others can step up and get more things moving as my plate is full. I am interested to see who can get things done, as I would love to participate for once.


    D. Alley, the RedheadedEd.