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  • philipspace

    January 11, 2022 at 10:56 pm
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    @redheadeded as far as I’m concerned this community has been great, and when it has come to real-world commitment of time and talent I’ve seen the people here step up in ways that I have often found surprising and not just a little impressive.

    I’m hoping that I personally can transition to a position where I can help out more too, but I recognize that the next six to eight months are going to be a struggle with my wife going in for open-heart surgery in February. How that’s going to play out remains to be seen.

    The thing that keeps me moving forward, and what I have found most valuable and helpful of all, has been working on clearly defined projects, whether it’s solo or as a team. It’s all too easy to fall into the malaise of our day-to-day activity with no real direction, but having that goal to work toward or target to aim at… you find yourself planning out how to anticipate and overcome obstacles that you didn’t know you could solve. The fact that we can look back on what’s already been accomplished so far and acknowledge that it simply wouldn’t have happened without, say, you creating a calendar for instance, or Buddy starting up a website, or any of the multitudes of contributions that have been made by this wacky all-volunteer group should be proof and certainly encouragement enough to keep pushing one another ahead.

    I believe that, as long as we can continue to provide the wind at each others backs, we will continue to propel each other further than any of us ever would have guessed.