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  • Vince

    January 10, 2022 at 2:27 am
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    The main goal of any work related success includes: $$$

    The industry is flattened like a pancake, there are NO barriers to entry like before, Self-funding through Kickstarter or other crowd-funding is a self sustaining economic micro engine that also requires constant economic / audience engagement. This is a FULL time job in itself, and the “brand” of the said artist or writer has to have enough sex appeal to convert offered comic content into sales. Building audience on social platforms requires real sharp creative ideas, not just idle postings in my opinion.

    Second; WFH (work for hire) also known for centuries as; ‘freelance’ – send yer stuff in to publishers, editors, studios, and anyone else who produces content that your artwork would compliment and Bob’s your uncle. Or is it Robert? This requires a degree of research in advance to know that type of work said industry types USE, and make sure its worth sending your portfolio to them. If you draw like Robert Crumb…don’t expect DC to hire you to pencil Superman. Obvious stuff.

    Third; Agents, where and how does a comic artist who would ideally just like to do good work (because it takes time to do, just saying) – FIND a comic art or illustrator type agent or studio who can rep the artist and take their cut? Literary agents always post #MSWL on Twitter, for formal call outs to creators what they are open to as formal literary/graphic novel submissions, but a full time agent to rep a comic artist, back to the industry for ongoing work…does this animal exist? ..Or is it a mythological one?

    Fourth: Do stuff on your own, then repeat # Second, for work you’d wish to work on, but obviously not own. Also, send to # Third, as this will show a body of work to agents (where ever they lurk) and hope for the best.

    Research as BEST you can then approach this 3 pronged approach – whatever sticks, is the success I guess.