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  • jojabarker

    April 26, 2020 at 10:45 am
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    UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE (working title)

    Mark and Stephen have yet to meet each other. Even at the same party they won’t cross paths until the morning. When they do, will they accept that they’re stuck with one another?

    1. Mark and Stephen come-to in a strange, obviously-there-was-a-party-last-night apartment. After checking all of the doors and windows it’s clear they’re locked in. Both get a notification on their phones about COVID-19.
    2. FLASHBACK – Same apartment, during the party where everyone’s joking about a possible “lockdown.” Mark is loud and obnoxious joking along. Stephen is not.
    3. Stephen lurks until one of the hosts (a Koala bear) checks on him. The Koala cuts a slice of pizza and offers it to Stephen and immediately connects via exploring the speculated consequences of this possible “lockdown.”
    4. PRESENT – Mark looks up from his phone to break the silence with an “at least” joke about the social distancing advisory. Stephen asks Mark if he’s a friend of the hosts.
    5. Mark says he’s not as he looks for food continuing to yap. Stephen grills Mark on how they’re going to get a hold of the hosts so that they can leave. Mark complains there’s a lack of food. Stephen gets sucked into “fake” news.
    6. Stephen gets between the kitchen and Mark after misinterpreting procedures for the “lockdown.” Mark is startled and comments, “It’s not like we can’t get more food!”
    7. Stephen’s panicked eyes say otherwise. Mark babbles “can’t be that bad” in spite of Stephen’s panic, trying to get to the kitchen for a drink of water. Stephen lunges for a not-put-away pizza cutter and threatens Mark with it.
    8. 16-odd hours later the apartment looks post-apocalyptic, far beyond trashed-after-a-party. The hosts, Polar and Koala return in complete WTF. Mark rushes the door, “I wanna die, but not by that lunatic!” Stephen pops up still holding the pizza cutter and calmly hands it to the Koala before quietly exiting.

    P.S. @toddmatthy I wanna be sure to follow up with your input (especially since I took it into account), and @johnnygoldenart let me know how I can help with feedback — Kirby-speed, y’all!

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