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  • redheadeded

    December 20, 2021 at 8:19 am
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    @Vince , this is awesome.

    Notes: (they got long I apologize, but it’s cool now and I want it to be the coolest. Let me know if you disagree with anything below)…

    Logo Frame:

    – Put the lighting layer under the CBS Logo as it comes in. like it’s causing the lighting to shake strike.

    – Do not enlarge the logo beyond the Text frame before the bulge.

    – Made rather than fading in you bring in up from 0% scale in 3-5 frms? (See how that looks to you mabye with a bounce or reverb).

    – After the bulge is done, let it sit for 10-15 frames before moving to the next image sequences so people can read that this is Comic Book School.

    The Buddy Frame:

    – Use the Blue Gradient Overlay for the background.

    – Don’t use Orange on Black AND White on Orange, in the same frame, pick one style and vary the size for emphasis.

    – If you are using a black dropshadow rather than our standard orange, defuse it a bit so it doesn’t look like a standard type set.

    – Also shore up your leading and kerning.
    – Right justified looks really weird at that acute angle.
    – Can you see if there is a better way to layout that frame so it reads in a priority of informational importance?
    – The flare slash bubbles effect is not centered or placed purposefully, it becomes distracting from the text rather than adding to it.. see if you can repurpose it in the frame to emphasis the text instead.

    – Spell “Nite” correctly or don’t use it.

    – Let that button continue to rotate or come to a stop the reverse movement looks like an automated error.

    The book shit is AWESOME SAUCE!

    The Brian Pulido Frame:

    – Use the Blue Gradient.

    – On the orange banner use the standard frame font and type styling.

    – Don’t use Orange on Black AND Black on white, in the same frame, pick one style and vary the size for emphasis.

    – Move Brians name to the opposite side of the frame for better symetery
    – or offset Brians picture so the frame has an asymetrical balance.

    The Brian Pulido Frame 2:

    – The Transistion pops strangly.

    – Either have the new Brian picture on top of the old and scale up from zero, or had the old Brian Picture scale down and out. the cut/switch is catching.

    – The Orange on Black is not readable in this frame.

    Same notes on Neil Kleid as Frame one Brian Pulido, Also what are those light flashes? why on only this one?

    On second thought, remove the second Brian Frame altogether, and give the second two guys simliar transistions to enter or exit frame for a bit more consistancy.

    Its’ flashy and cool but you don’t want it so flashy that the people watching in miss what we are trying to tell them.

    End with the logo somehow, and move the “Live on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook” onto that frame.

    Gimme a call, text or email with any questions.

    D. Alley, the RedheadedEd

    (Acting Art Director of CBS… for now… MUAHAHAhahahahhssh .. hee.)

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