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    April 25, 2020 at 1:09 am
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    Hi everyone, I had one idea. This is the plot break down.

    The Idiot Stoner vs Mad Scientists

    Normal X A Scientific Accelerator

    On National City University there are 23 campuses of science that are self policed by the morals and ethics club. Gary Dunn is the newest M&E Rep against his will and has to outsmart criminal geniuses.

    Page one is the crime being committed: a robot dog breaks into a lab, destroys a cloning experiment, and self destructs outside in the middle of campus.

    Page 2 is the introduction of Gary Dunn: 6th year senior twenty credits away from two degrees in Liberal Arts and Philosophy and Botany who is in a basement broom closet turned into a dorm room using a bucket, a bottle of water, tubes and makeshift bong as a gravity bong to smoke weed.

    Page 3 is Gary getting the call that he has to investigate the dog eating the homework case. Gary tries to fake sick, really coughs, but is threatened to do his job or else.

    Page 4 is Gary looking at the remains of the robot dog. Talking to his partner, Ting (Asian American student on morals and ethics committee) explains that there’s no way to trace the robot dog, there’s no reported robot dogs missing, the work that was destroyed was an experiment to see if parallel clones yielded parallel results on a cellular level.

    Page 5 is Gary and Ting interviewing the kids whose lab was destroyed. Gary is high and smells like weed and it distracts the kids and annoys Ting. Gary asks them to explain their work like he was a five year old. The head scientist, who is pretty calm about having his work destroyed, explains that they were trying to figure out if clones react the same way to things. Gary doesn’t understand. He changes the question to how serious the project is.

    Page 6 is Ting asking questions while Gary is zoning out. There’s all these things swirling around his head and Gary realizes something: The cloners destroyed their own work. But Gary instantly forgets what makes him realize this. Gary looks around for a way to prove this. So he starts lying.

    Page 7 is Gary lying that there’s a lab they can send the dog to for evidence. The scientist students all look at each other. Ting keeps quiet but looks at Gary. Gary says the experiment can be saved too. The University has an incredible investigation department, “hell, bored scientists love a challenge”. Gary pulls his phone out and leaves it on the chair when Ting asks him to come with her outside.

    Page 8

    Outside Ting reads Gary the riot act. Gary tells her he knows they destroyed their work but can’t remember how he realized it. She asks how much weed did he smoke? They go back into the room and Ting ends the meeting. Gary plays the audio of the students while they were out and they talked about building the robot. Gary, triumphant, asks the scientist students if they’d like to explain why they destroyed their own experiment.