• thesurrealari

    November 24, 2021 at 6:50 am
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    I’m not sure. Sesame Street, in recent years, has been very comics-positive. Elmo is an avid reader of Galactic Gail, a superhero comic which appears only in the Sesame Street universe.

    The Jim Lee appearance is in the show where they’re introducing the first Asian-American muppet, and I think the guests were picked based partly on their Asian descent. If you read his post, he’s playing up his Korean culture, and it seems the show is going to focus on combating anti-Asian stereotypes, bullying, and biases.

    That said, it’s cool that Jim Lee is one of the people they selected to represent Korean-Americans and it does show how far comics have come that a comics artist would be considered a big enough guest star to have a highlighted guest spot on Sesame Street. Traditionally, those spots go to actors and musicians most often.