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  • rickestrick

    April 21, 2020 at 6:38 am

    Story Title: Save State

    Page 1 – The reader is introduced to Sy Sack. He is doing something the reader would not, such as scaling a mountain in a mech-suit or avoiding off brand sprite-enemies. Exposition and dialogue is provided primarily through caption boxes such as what would be seen in a video game. Sy is presented as oblivious to the changeover.

    Page 2 – A glitch occurs. Sy is shown in an outrageous video game inspired scenario when suddenly everything in the world is wrong. Imagine an 8-bit game not fully loading, many un-fully-rendered objects and other characters. This is not an intentional act by the player.

    Page 3 – Sy acknowledges that that was weird though he is not sure what it was. This is the first time he has ever acknowledged any type of change. Shown to be in a different setting, one that is more mundane. Realizes he is not sure what exactly he is remembering.

    Page 4 – He is shown to be with a significant other (gender and details not important at this point, will be based on input from the artist). Sy explicitly states how happy he is and incredibly sappy scenes will be shown to drive home that this, and not all the crazy excitement, is what he really wants out of life, to the extent that he is aware of anything.

    Page 5 – The two embrace for part of the page. The remainder of page is Sy being loaded into a new scenario. Repelling down the side of a clearly broken-out-of kaiju-scale cage or wingsuiting into a stereotypical orc camp. The difference is that, as with the glitch scene, he now remembers what he just lost, namely the love of his life.

    Page 6 – Sy is distracted by this realization and killed in-game. He realizes he has no control over anything and that he cannot get what he lost back, so he willingly commits suicide. He makes a remark to “whoever is in charge” that if he cannot be happy then no one will.

    Page 7 – Montage of Sy dying in the most ridiculous ways. Not all shown, some should be presented as if the player rage-quitted halfway through the level because they realize the game has not worked correctly since the glitch shown earlier in the story.

    Page 8 – Sy is facing down another death, certain that this will be his final one. He realizes, too late to do anything about it, that this is the same setting of the one he had with the person he loved. The penultimate panel is seeing them once again, but unable to do anything about it as he falls to his doom. The final panel is a screen going dark.